The Symptoms of Wine Depreviation

I did not expect to be suffering from a lack of wine at this time. End of cold and dark January. I was prepared for a break during our Asia trip, but now that I am surrounded by my cellar, M has embarked on this “no wine for a month”- challenge. The whole situation is leading to a bit of a writers block. 

The whole topic sounds a bit like an alcoholic ranting. Going through some kinds of withdrawal symptoms. To tell the truth, I reduced my consumption of alcohol significantly when I got into wine a few years ago. Quality over quantity you know. At the same time poor gin and tonics, rum and coke and other soda mixers went out the door. I would actually be much happier if wine would be alcohol-free so I could enjoy them even more of it. But the alcohol free selection is still a bit thin. There are some decent drinks but they are not exciting.


Wine has become a hobby. A sign of relaxation and free time. I love talking about wine, digging into how it is produced and writing about the fun things that cross my way. However if there is no wine, there is nothing to write about.  I will not open a bottle alone (often). Thank God M’s wine-strike will be over in a week!

In a few minutes I will head out the door to meet some friends at Sritmuseum. The restaurant as well as the wine-list has received great reviews, so I am looking forward to having a glass. At least I will have something nice to write about for the beginning of next week.

Have a great Saturday!

xx Soile



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