Wineweek 68: Nordic Stars

Last week of February. The winter is soon over. Can you count March as spring already? The weather this weekend has definitely been spring-like, and we have moved on to a lighter profile of wines. I am definitely a white-wine person 80% of the year. There has been some exciting news coming out this week, with a new Guide de Michelin for the Nordics. Stockholm managed yet again to miss out on that magical three stars, but at least we got two top-tier (***) restaurants to the Nordics: Maaemo (Oslo) and Geranium (Copenhagen). I will write more about the Stockholm restaurants during the coming week. Continue reading “Wineweek 68: Nordic Stars”

London on my Mind

Every year, we do a few trips back to our former home city of London. To be honest, I did not live there that long that I could credibly call it home. But there is something about that city that is always on my mind. I am going crazy as we speak just thinking about walking down the early spring streets of London in a few weeks time. As it is my lazy week, I am not going to write much new today. However, I though I would lift up some of my old posts on the wine-spots I long for. We have some exciting reservations for new places and restaurants, so I promise some new material soon.  Continue reading “London on my Mind”

Wine Review: Gardo & Morris Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

On my quick and lazy Sunday post I mentioned that we had a go at a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc last week. I am not a huge fan of the grape in general, however, I do have a soft spot in my heart for SB from Marlborough, New Zealand. And since I have a weakness for sparkling as well, then a sparkling from the region does not sound like a bad idea. Continue reading “Wine Review: Gardo & Morris Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc”

Wineweek 67: Chilling with Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

Do you ever feel like the gone week feels really short and long at the same time? It feels like I was writing Wineweek 66 just yesterday, but in between I have had the chance to work, travel to Copenhagen and Oslo (sorry no wine this time), read up on rose and white Burgundy and spend the weekend on the terms of a seven year old (my goddaughter). We went to a kids theme park, overdosed on cake and crappy burgers and spent an agonizing hour at the Disney Store. It was all great fun (except for the Disney store), and we even had some nice wine moments together with M and her mother. However, this weeks Wineweek will be very short (mainly due to me being completely exhausted). Enjoy the pictures!

Continue reading “Wineweek 67: Chilling with Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc”

Scratching the Surface on White Burgundy

I am sure this post does not come as a surprise to those that have been actively following the blog. White Burgundy has been on the investment list for at least half a year now. So we have been studying and looking up some options from the monopoly here in Sweden as well as London wine shops. We will be visiting our former home city in March and the wine-sleeves are coming along. Lets see if there will be another record (34 bottles in check-in luggage is hard to beat). Always when I do some reading, I also collect some highlights to share on the blog. So here is a scratch on the surface of white Burgundy.  Continue reading “Scratching the Surface on White Burgundy”

Three Ways to Make a Rosé

Last Fridays champagne tasting left me thinking. Specifically about how a rosé is produced. I have always just thought of it being a product of longer skin contact, but after reading up on the Möet sparkling, I realized that blending is quite common too (or is it?). So, back to the books (Wikipedia) I went, to find out if there are more than these few methods. And here is what I found out… Continue reading “Three Ways to Make a Rosé”

Wineweek 66: Valentine’s Day Wines

We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day. There is no special dinner or date night. We can do that any week and it will feel just as special. Valentine’s day is merely a good excuse to pop open some rose. The season is closing in, so why not. This year, we enjoyed our rose at our cellar. There was a special tasting featuring some big name pink bubblies.  Continue reading “Wineweek 66: Valentine’s Day Wines”

A Peak into the Winery Hotel

How does a wine-holiday in Stockholm sound? Now that I am a bit more acquainted with the city, it sounds pretty good. Especially with the opening of the new Winery Hotel. I already mentioned last Sunday that I had the privilege to get a tour around the hotel and their winery. Here are a few collected thoughts and photos from the visit Continue reading “A Peak into the Winery Hotel”

The Spring Tasting Schedule

The long awaited spring comes always as a surprise to me. Our wine business builds towards the highlight of Christmas, and then we always extend our holiday from the business way too long. I know its still winter outside, but the rose season is soon upon us. At least from the point of view of a wine merchant. Continue reading “The Spring Tasting Schedule”

Wineweek 65: Mumm and Friends

The first week of February. Finally, the sun is out and the days are becoming longer. It is still dark when I wake up, but the sun starts to rise the time I head to the office. That’s the thing about living here in the Nordics. Winter is a a bit of a grey and depressing time. However in the summer, it is sun all day round. I am so glad that we are heading towards spring. Cant wait for rose season to kick off. This week has been refreshing also from a wine point of view. On Friday I had the chance to get a tour at the newly opened Winery Hotel here in Stockholm, and M finally stopped with his silly wine-break. We celebrated his return to wine with a nice Mumm tasting at our cellar. Continue reading “Wineweek 65: Mumm and Friends”