New Sunday Tradition at Teatern

We have for a long time had a tradition of (occasionally) going for Sunday ramen with our friend Patrik. He is a likeminded foody, who loves both fine dining and a street, whatever goes as long as it is made well. Our go-to place has previously been Bluelight Yokohama, a Japanese restaurant in Södermalm. However, the new food court at Rngen Centrum, a run-down mall a few blocks south has won the battle.

Teatern, the octagon shaped restaurant complex is hipster heaven. You have hot dogs, ramen, burgers, and 100% ecological vegetarian. Not to mention that all the recipes come from well known Swedish chefs, like Magnus Nilsson (Fäviken**), Stefano Catenacci (Operakällaren) and Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman (Matstudio). You also have Nook Market (Restaurant Nook) and Marco Baudone’s (Le Rouge) Mama rotisserie. There is coffee from Johan & Nyström and Åre Rosterie giving Teatern the official stamp of approval from our coffee-snob M. I had basically never been to Ringen Centrum before Teatern opened, and now I cannot be there enough.

So our new Sunday tradition is to meet at Teatern at 11 when the food court opens (it is nice and empty then); order food from three different kitchens and share. This Sunday we stayed obediently with ramen, but also ordered a nice Vietnamese Bahn Mi with chicken terrine from Nook Market and bacon and a three course tasting menu for 100kr from Stefano Catenacci. We also had some coffee and soft ice creams from Magnus Nilssons Korvkiosk. They use some special milk for making the ice cream which makes it the best vanilla softie I have ever tasted. For 25kr a pop it is not cheap but excellent value for money.

Now this blog is about wine, so here is the mandatory note that wine and craft beer are also available at the food court. Actually, the wine selection looks quite interesting with Mama offering nature wines. Nook Market also has their own craft beer made solely for Teatern. Sunday is just not my day for drinking alcohol, so I have not done any sampling. Note to self: go here for Friday lunch instead.

xx Soile

Vietnamese flavors: Bahn Mi with chicken terrine.
Delicious noodles from Adan & Albin
Welcome to Teatern
Magnus Nilsson has a two star restaurnt in the noth of Sweden
More noodles from Adam & Albin
A good place to hang out
You can also stop for a Swedish fika-paus: to drink coffee and eat cinamon buns
The worlds best ice cream from Magnus Nilsson

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