Wineweek 65: Mumm and Friends

The first week of February. Finally, the sun is out and the days are becoming longer. It is still dark when I wake up, but the sun starts to rise the time I head to the office. That’s the thing about living here in the Nordics. Winter is a a bit of a grey and depressing time. However in the summer, it is sun all day round. I am so glad that we are heading towards spring. Cant wait for rose season to kick off. This week has been refreshing also from a wine point of view. On Friday I had the chance to get a tour at the newly opened Winery Hotel here in Stockholm, and M finally stopped with his silly wine-break. We celebrated his return to wine with a nice Mumm tasting at our cellar. I need to dedicate a full post to the Winery Hotel. But just to quickly go through the concept, the Winery is a new cool hotel and urban winery located in Stockholms Solna. One of the owners of the hotel has vineyards and a winery in Tuscany where al lthe grapes come from. They are picked into a thermo-truck and driven directly to Stockholm. The rest f the process: pressing, fermentation, ageing and bottling are done at the hotel. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to taste any of their wines, as the first bottling will be done in April.   I also took a look around the hotel. The rooms remind me of the Ace Hotel with a Brooklyn vibe to them. The hotel also has a restaurant serving close to 30 wines by the glass and 200 by the bottle. Might I add that the prices looked extremely reasonable. There is also a more relaxed neighborhood deli downstairs with table wines (served in a carafe) and charcuterie. Almost makes me want to move to Frösunda (the park of Solna where the hotel is located). We need to go and give that restaurant a try.

We also enjoyed some nice wines this week. Friday champagne at our cellar featured G.H. Mumm. We tasted the entry level Gordon Rouge NV, Vintage 2006, Mumm de Cramant and Cuvée R. Lalou 2002. At first I was quite convinced that the blanc de blancs (Mumm de Cramant) was my favorite, however after a while the 2006 really gained fruitiness and balance. I am sometimes too impatient to wait for bubblies to breathe. The Cuvée Lalou was silky smooth, however the vintage 2006 really gave it a run for its money. The best part of the evening though was meeting the chief winemaker of Mumm, Didier Mariotti. He was extremely friendly, giving us some tips for our trip to Champagne (we will go in June).

We also delivered some wine to the cellar. We have a little cabinet there that fits 200 Bordeaux-bottles. So that means, we can perhaps fit around 150 as we are heavy on bubbly. It was quite funny, we met a guy at the Friday tasting who was explaining how he had, without really noticing, expanded from one to six of those cabinets. I wonder if this will happen to us too. Our wine storage has been multiplying every year since the purchase of our first Climadiff (for 142 bottles). We always go crazy when we know we have more space. For example, I caught M reading up on some white Burgundy this morning and mumbling something about stocking up.

The coming week we actually have no plans at all. We should set our schedule for all the tasting thins spring and start working on finding a new warehouse. Did I ever mention that our warehouse in Denmark just decided to implement a 50€ invoicing fee. That is more than what we pay the a month, so we actually terminated the contract. Now we have about two months to find a replacement…

Have a great week!

xx Soile

The Winery Hotel has taken inspiration from the Wife hotel in Brooklyn
Waiting for wine, the process at the Winery is just starting
Vending machines at the Winery
The cellar at the Winery features over 200 wines
The restaurant at the Winery has over 30 wines by the glass
Cuvée R. Lalou
The Mumm tasting at Magnusson
Saturday Fika at Orion

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