The Spring Tasting Schedule

The long awaited spring comes always as a surprise to me. Our wine business builds towards the highlight of Christmas, and then we always extend our holiday from the business way too long. I know its still winter outside, but the rose season is soon upon us. At least from the point of view of a wine merchant. The thing is that we have quite long preparations to do before the first bottle of rose reaches the customer. We need to order samples, taste them, decide the spring mix, order more, ship, and store. That was the supply chain professional in me talking. The sales-me has to wake up too, not to miss the train with rose and other summer wines. Thus we took out our calendars and set dates for the full spring for tasting events and orders.

We have a slightly different concept this spring. We will do several small themed tastings for around ten people. The events will be much more intimate and we will only focus on a few wines. Late in the spring we will arrange an open house again where we sample the full range. We are also taking in some new wines: a small selection of wonderful Nebbiolos from an Italian producer, Mamete Prevostini, a new fresh rose cava from Rimarts and Peret Fuster Brut Nature Reserva, the brother of our most successful rose. The Rimarts 40 is also coming in Magnum size (be aware, there are only a few and our biggest Rimarts fan, Martin is drooling after them)!!

We have not secured our Portuguese wines from Antonio Madeira yet as the bottling is in April. But this one wine wonder has made a white and a rose as well. I cant wait to taste them. From Quinta da Saes we are planning to take some of the more premium wines for sale by the bottle via the monopoly.

Cant wait to come and taste some wines? Here is the schedule:

Saturday 27th of February: Cavas from Llagrima d’Or and Peret Fuster
Thursday 10th of March: Nebbiolos from Mamete Prevostini and Portuguese reds
Saturday 2nd of April: Spring Roses
Wednesday 13th of April: Premium cavas
Saturday 21th of May: Open House (all wines)

All of our tasting are of course free! But book your spot by sending an email to well in advance as we have limited seating. The tastings will be held in the afternoon/early evening. A more specific time to be informed closer to the date (in general 15-18 on Saturdays and at 18-20 on weekdays).

Towards the summer and new wines!!

xx Soile


Rimarts Cava
Martinez brut nature rose (Rimarts), coming soon!!!


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