A Peak into the Winery Hotel

How does a wine-holiday in Stockholm sound? Now that I am a bit more acquainted with the city, it sounds pretty good. Especially with the opening of the new Winery Hotel. I already mentioned last Sunday that I had the privilege to get a tour around the hotel and their winery. Here are a few collected thoughts and photos from the visitThe overall look of the hotel is business meets hipster. The hotel has taken inspiration from the Wife Hotel in Brooklyn, and the newly built house has a distinct “old factory” look to it. Coziness is added with plush sofas, textiles and wooden surfaces. The look as such is not new, but I must admit that the hotel has done a good job with not taking it overboard. I can imagine it both as a business hotel as well as a weekend getaway. The only downside is the location. It is not really close to any convenient public transport. One could potentially walk to Solna Station (train), but it is still 20 minutes. So taxi it is at least for a out-of-towners.

There are some really nice details in the guest rooms of the hotel: big windows, plush sheets and their own brand of toiletries that come from the owner family in Italy. Rooms are small, but that is nothing new in Stockholm. The square meters are used wisely and there are enough plugs to charge a couple of phones and pads at a time. The other hotel facilities are also nice, so one does not need to hang out in the room that much. There is a gym and pool on the roof of the hotel. Perhaps the best exercise views in town over Haga park and Haga castle (where princess Victoria lives). The downstairs lobby has vending machines for wine and there is also a restaurant and a small deli to keep you hydrated throughout a weekend. The restaurant features almost thirty different wines by the glass, and they also have variety with themes and winemakers visiting and arranging events. There is also Terreno deli on the bottom floor serving table wine and Italian snacks (cold cuts and cheese). This is a great spot for walk ins as no reservations are required. You can also buy snacks to go.

I also had the chance to visit the hotels urban winery. They currently make only Sangiovese, but the plan is also to add some Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as well. They will be making Chianti type wines. The winemaking process (simplified) is the following: Grapes are picked in Italy and transported with a thermo-truck directly to the Winery. The grapes are pressed and stems removed at the premises. They are fermented in steel tanks and aged in french oak (not old, but at least 5 years in the meter). The bottles are also filled and labelled at the Winery. The production quantity is around 8000 bottles a year and is meant mostly for consumption at the hotel. If a guest would like to buy some of the wines, the Hotel will send them to the monopoly where the customer can pick them up (laborious but those are the rules).

I think I could perhaps write about the Winery Hotel all day. There are so many details I like, my favorite being the very reasonable pricing on wine throughout the hotel. You can really come here and enjoy wine without feeling you are paying an arm and a leg. If I wouldn’t live in Stockholm, I would definitely book a night or two at the hotel to relax. On second thought, maybe I will…

Enjoy the pictures!

xx Soile

Vinoteka in the lobby
Sweet dreams
Please do not disturb
A glass of wine is always close by
Own toiletries made in Italy
Fancy a dip? Maybe in the summer
The hotel restaurant
The Winerys own selection can be sampled in Vinoteka
The Terreno deli
The cellar features over 200 different wines
Waiting for content
Semi-used French oak 
Combine your work conference with a casual wine tasting. 



2 thoughts on “A Peak into the Winery Hotel

  1. That sounds fabulous! I just discovered your blog and I love it, especially the posts on Sweden and your recent trip to China. If you ever come to Barcelona, let me know!


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