Wineweek 66: Valentine’s Day Wines

We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day. There is no special dinner or date night. We can do that any week and it will feel just as special. Valentine’s day is merely a good excuse to pop open some rose. The season is closing in, so why not. This year, we enjoyed our rose at our cellar. There was a special tasting featuring some big name pink bubblies. 

We only took one tasting-set. The champagnes were all from a company called LVMH (Möet-Hennessy-Louis Vuitton). They own basically everything with a brand: Dom Perignon, Krug, Veuve Cliquot, Ruinart etc. Not to mention many other brands: Dior, Mark Jacobs, Louis Vuitton etc. etc. Everything that is associated with luxury and have fairly little to do with quality (Dom Perignon and Krug excluded). We tasted three NV’s (non vintages): Möet NV Rose, Ruinart rose and the Veuve Cliquot NV rose. The Ruinart was heavy on Chardonnay, the Veuve Cliquot on Pinot Noir and the Möet more balanced between the three main grapes, including 10% red wine for color (yuk, no wonder it was bad).

From all three, the Veuve Cliquot was my favorite. The nose was fresh with raspberry, strawberry and cherry, and the taste had nice notes of almonds, apricots and brioche. I could imagine trying out some of their vintages. The Ruinart also passed the bar (meaning, that I finished the glass). It was slightly more tropical, yet dry. The Möet I left after one sip, however I must say the nose was very pleasant. The taste was flat, sweet and just plainly uninteresting. We opened a bottle of Vve Forny to compensate. It is one of the best value for money champagnes (under 300 SEK a bottle) in the monopoly selection.

Otherwise the weekend was calm. We walked around in Södermalm, ate some delicious rotisserie Porchetta and croque Monsieur at Teatern. We also did some reading up on wine. There are three newspapers with good wine-tips: Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Industri and Svenska Dagbladet. The downside is just that the bottles featured in these papers just disappear from the monopoly within days. So one has to be quick. There is a raging stampede at the doors of the flagship whenever they release small batches of something interesting.

That was all the news I have for this week!

Have a good one,

xx Soile

Pouring the roses at MFW
The tasting trio: Möet NV rose, Ruinart Rose and Veuve Cliquot NV rose
Vve Forny & Fils blanc de blancs
From our cellar, one of the best value for money champagnes in the monopoly
We also tasted some Pinots before heading home
Drop Coffee in Södermalm
Street art at Södermalm
Wish I had energy to go for yoga early Sunday morning
Browsing the wines in Dagens Nyheter

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