Wine Review: Gardo & Morris Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

On my quick and lazy Sunday post I mentioned that we had a go at a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc last week. I am not a huge fan of the grape in general, however, I do have a soft spot in my heart for SB from Marlborough, New Zealand. And since I have a weakness for sparkling as well, then a sparkling from the region does not sound like a bad idea.I have no idea when we had bought the bottle of Gardo & Morris. M found it in the back of our wine fridge. And last Friday seemed like a good day to open it. We had some visitors. Gardo & Morris is actually a Swedish family winery. The husband and wife winemaking team travel to New Zealand each year to make their own wine. They also import it and sell to restaurants and the monopoly. How awesome is that!

The wine is made with a method similar to Prosecco (Charmat-method)). The first and the second fermentation is i steel tanks. Wines produced with this method are often quite crisp and fruity. And that is exactly what Gardo & Morris is. You immediately recognize the scent of a textbook Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is intensely aromatic with flavors of passion-fruit, gooseberries and blackcurrant. This is a very different sparkling from all the cavas, proseccos and cremants, so I don’t really want to compare. We are not talking about the same animal here. I would not claim that one plus one (Marlborough SB and bubbles, both things I like) is three, but it really is a nice combination. The only thing missing was hot summer weather.

Score-wise, the wine gets a two and a half (2.5). I am so spoiled with sparkling, that I cannot really say I would make a re-purchase. However if you look at the price, value-for-money Gardo & Morris gets a four (4). It only costs 99kr (~11 EUR) at the monopoly. I could really imagine this as a summer party aperitif or something to take on a picnic perhaps. Mmm…picnic. Can’t wait for the warm weather to come. Sadly we still have months to go…so I need to have some more sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, close my eyes and just imagine.

xx Soile



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