London on my Mind

Every year, we do a few trips back to our former home city of London. To be honest, I did not live there that long that I could credibly call it home. But there is something about that city that is always on my mind. I am going crazy as we speak just thinking about walking down the early spring streets of London in a few weeks time. As it is my lazy week, I am not going to write much new today. However, I though I would lift up some of my old posts on the wine-spots I long for. We have some exciting reservations for new places and restaurants, so I promise some new material soon. 

Last summer I wrote about London Cru, and urban winery in the heart of the city. Although I do think that urban wineries are a bit of a marketing thing (it is not like the city environment gives the wine any extra characteristics), the guys at London Cru did make some amazing stuff. I hope to pick up a few bottles now that we are there. Maybe I can order some to our hotel (I think they only sell to consumers online)…

Here is a post about our visit: London Cru, an Urban Wine Experience

London Cru wines labeling
Fresh design featuring London’s district SW6

If you are into German wines, the Winery is the place to go. They have an amazing selection of Riesling and German Pinot Noirs. We also found some really great Marie Noelle Ledru champagne there. As far as I have understood, you cannot buy that bubbly anywhere else in the UK.

Post from last year: A Small Piece of Germany in London

I am also considering a visit to the Punch Room. It is really a unique bar when it comes to drinks, and perfect for sharing a bowl with a group. As I will be taking one of my best friends with me on this trip, I want to show her all the quirky places that we used to go to. Even though the Punch Room is a hotel bar (Marriott), it has its unique look and feel (and drinks list).

My post about the Punch Room: Reviving the Reputation of Punch

The punch is served

Just writing this post is making me thirsty. Time to pop in a few bottles in the fridge and start to plan for tonight’s dinner. Soon I can start counting days instead of weeks to take off.

Have a great Saturday,

xx Soile

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