Wineweek 68: Nordic Stars

Last week of February. The winter is soon over. Can you count March as spring already? The weather this weekend has definitely been spring-like, and we have moved on to a lighter profile of wines. I am definitely a white-wine person 80% of the year. There has been some exciting news coming out this week, with a new Guide de Michelin for the Nordics. Stockholm managed yet again to miss out on that magical three stars, but at least we got two top-tier (***) restaurants to the Nordics: Maaemo (Oslo) and Geranium (Copenhagen). I will write more about the Stockholm restaurants during the coming week.

A few fun things that I would like to share with you this week. One, I was in Poland for a business trip this week. And the city, Lodz, was really cool. I am seriously regretting I didn’t bring my camera (not that I would have had any time for taking photos). Lodz is a old industrial town (textile), run down by time and lifted up by a local business tycoon. Lodz is not a tourist destination, so much of the soviet vibe has been preserved. There are something like 18 universities near the city, so there is a young crowd going around. I would have loved to write more about the city, but I must admit it is not going to be great without proper pictures. So I promise to take my camera the next time and bring back some pics to illustrate my excitement. Some interesting movies have been shot in Lodz, like David Lynch’s Inland Empire (never seen, but the city definitely has a Lynch vibe to it).

Second exciting news (you can taste the sarcasm right?), we found a pretty handy half-ready dinner option. You know for those days that you are just too tired to think about what to eat. Panini Internazionale, a lunch-food chain that we have here in Stockholm have come out with dinner boxes. The idea is that the box contains all the ingredients and you should be able to make the food ready within 15 minutes. The options are pretty good. We bought a beef ragu and a mushroom risotto to try out this week. Perfect wine food and really easy to make (even I could probably prepare these dishes).

We also opened a few interesting bottles that you can see in the pictures: Champagne Foliage, an inexpensive bottle we picked up on the party boat a year ago; and a white Bourgogne, Nicolas Potel Chassagne-Montrachet (Chardonnay).  Will write proper reviews in the coming weeks.

Now to enjoy the rest of my lazy Sunday. Enjoy the pictures!

xx Soile

Champagne Foliage goes into my top-cheap champagne list
Pouring into my new Zalto champagne glasses
Golden colour
Visiting Kajsa Warg, a premium food store in St. Eriksplan
A simple dinner for four from Panini
Almost ready
Some nice, aged white Bourgogne
My love for white Bourgogne is just deepening every time I have a glass
The docks are open again, so spring must be here
Ice breaking in front of Hornstull
New Hopp Cafe has opened in Hornstull serving JOhan & Nyström
Where have I put all my sunglasses 
Saturday snacking at Klang Market (charc-board and wine)

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