The Drilldown on Spritmuseum

On Sunday, I totally trashed the restaurant at Spritmuseum in Wineweek. The restaurant experience was disappointing, and to be honest did not do any justice to the great reputation that the place has gathered during the year. I am an active Yelper and many people whom I respect to deliver reliable reviews had praised it. Yelp seldom fails me so I am still at awe. But lets do a drill-down and lay the different arguments on the table. I am kind of hoping that n the end of this post I can conclude that it was not that bad after all. Continue reading “The Drilldown on Spritmuseum”

New Sunday Tradition at Teatern

We have for a long time had a tradition of (occasionally) going for Sunday ramen with our friend Patrik. He is a likeminded foody, who loves both fine dining and a street, whatever goes as long as it is made well. Our go-to place has previously been Bluelight Yokohama, a Japanese restaurant in Södermalm. However, the new food court at Rngen Centrum, a run-down mall a few blocks south has won the battle. Continue reading “New Sunday Tradition at Teatern”