Methode Ancestral – Spontaneous Sparkling Wine

When you google something like winemaking process sparkling wine, you get basically four options: The traditional method, the Charmat method, the Transfer method and the Injection/ Carbonation method. These four winemaking processes are often described as the ones for making sparkling wine. But there is something bubbling under the surface. Something that is not mentioned on this list of four. A method that is rarely used due to its low possibility for control, but will be more and more on the lips of many natural wine enthusiasts – the Ancestral method. Continue reading “Methode Ancestral – Spontaneous Sparkling Wine”

Wineweek 72: Easter in Helsinki

It has been a mad March. We have been working hard: ordering summer wines and looking for a new warehouse. We also did a short wine trip to the city we fell in love in – London. All the buzzing around came to a nice relaxing halt when we flew on Thursday to Finland for relaxing Easter celebrations.  There is nothing like coming to a ready set table. While in Helsinki, we had the chance to try some nice Finnish Gin, visit one of our favorite wine bars as well as finally try out one of the most talked-about Helsinki restaurants, the Michelin-starred Chef & Sommelier.  Continue reading “Wineweek 72: Easter in Helsinki”

A Starred Lunch at Hibiscus

Plusses: Lunch deal, great desserts, non-alcoholic cocktails
Minusses: stressful environment, average food (not two star quality)

As we are back from London, it is time to reflect on all the nice meals and drinks we had; starting with Hibiscus, a two Michelin-starred restaurant in Mayfair. I don’t think I can rally enough about the great lunch deals one can find in London. If you are a bit of a foodie, but don’t have an endless supply of money, you can get a taste of top-chef action for less than 50£, if you just go to the restaurant for a lunch. Some of the offers are better and some worse, but I have has a four course lunch with two glasses of wine, petit fours and coffee at Alain Ducasse (three stars) for 55£. Compared to the price in the evening, it is a serious bargain. Continue reading “A Starred Lunch at Hibiscus”

An Introduction to Orange Wine

Last Friday, we were sitting in a restaurant casually browsing through our menus, when I noted in delight that the wine list had two orange wines by the glass. My yelping was followed up by a brutally honest question – what is orange wine exactly? And to my “embarrassment” I could not respond. I have never stated that I am an expert in wine, but but seldom I am left speechless in front of a question. Yes, I kind of knew what orange wine was and I had tasted it, but I had not done my homework on how it is made. So to fix the gap in my knowledge, I had to take out google and do a check. As I have a tendency to share my silly little discoveries here on the blog, I have made a short summary on this one as well. Continue reading “An Introduction to Orange Wine”

Wineweek 71: The Winecurious in London

London baby! It is one of my favorite cities in the world. Just like Barcelona, Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and Paris. I am a sucker for big cities. London, however, is a city I have lived and breathed for almost two years, just before I moved to Stockholm. London is dynamic. It changes constantly without losing its vibrant personality. London will most probably always and never feel like home. Continue reading “Wineweek 71: The Winecurious in London”

A Postcard from London

You would expect a proper postcard to have pictures of the city. Big Ben perhaps. My postcards have pictures of food and wine. We arrived in London late Thursday evening and have been eating our way around the city. Yesterday was perhaps the most exciting day of the trip as we had lunch at the two starred restaurant Hibiscus, dinner at the brand new Jason Atherton restaurant Sosharu, and then we visited a shop specializing in natural wines, the Winemakers Club.  Continue reading “A Postcard from London”

In the Heartland of Chardonnay

I don’t think that I have disclosed this piece of news yet, drumroll… we are going to Champagne in June! I can barely sit still when thinking about it. We will travel to Paris and Reims on the 2nd of June (or maybe even on the first if I can change my flights) and return on the 6th. The 6th is actually the National day of Sweden, so it is an extra day off. The trip will be short, but that does not matter. We are going to Champagne!! Continue reading “In the Heartland of Chardonnay”

Wineweek 70: March Maddness

Another wineweek written from Stockholm. It has been a while since we have been on any wineventures. It was a conscious decision. To stay more home I mean. We wanted to have more time to wind down. To be honest, traveling is quite tiring. Fun, of course, but it drains energy. So this spring you will get much more stories from our lovely home city. And probably you will also get a lot of stories from Magnusson, our cellar. Since we paid a small fortune for the membership, we are making use of the members-bar and Friday champagne-events. I recall us reasoning something like: “we will not go out to eat that often if we can use the Magnusson members-bar, so we will actually save money”. Right! Anyway, the coming week we will hit the road again as London is calling! Continue reading “Wineweek 70: March Maddness”

Nebbiolo Night

This week, we had our first tasting for our new producer to-be, Mamete Prevostini. They are a small family producer from northern Italy, making 100% Nebbiolo wines. We have already decided to add them to our selection, but we held an extra tasting to get some confirmation for our thoughts regarding the mix. We were not disappointed as our brave tasters gave us great feedback for making our decision. The wines will now be ordered (as soon as our new warehouse deal is signed), and they will be available (hopefully) for purchase in the end of April.  Continue reading “Nebbiolo Night”

Wine Review: Mr P Knows Pinot Noir

I confess. We bought the bottle because of the label. It was stylish and moderately funny (we giggled about the name. I know, childish). That is what caught our attention in the first place. Then there is of course the aspect that Pinot Noir is not that commonly grown in South Africa. We had something “professional” to place the purchase decision on. But yeah, it was the label. Successful marketing from IONA Vineyards, a family venture in Elgin, close to Cape Town.     Continue reading “Wine Review: Mr P Knows Pinot Noir”