Wineweek 69: The Start of the Rose Season

The first week of March. Is it spring yet? Who cares. Rose season is here and we celebrated by opening a small bottle of Ruinart. It isn’t as great as the Billecart-Salmon, but decent still. Clearly a food-rose. Usually the “season” starts here in Sweden around Easter and lasts until mid-summer. However, rose is fashionable all summer and goes really well with some of the Nordic cuisine: new potatoes, salmon and grilled meats. We are also prepping ourselves to the start of rose sales by studying (read about discoveries here) and getting some samples from our great producers. Last year we sold out of rose. So this year we will be doubling the stock.

We also went for a champagne tasting on Friday. This time, it was Deutz, and we tried four different cuvees: Brut NV, Brut Rose, Blanc de Blancs 2009 and Cuvee William Deutz 2002. Deutz is one of my favorite big houses. There is something about the taste profile that really hits me. Out of all four, I really felt that the basic non vintage impressed the most. It is just a damn good entry-level champagne. The second favorite was the blanc de blancs, but that must not come as any surprise, I am a fan of a 100% bubbly Chardonnay.

The other exciting activity this weekend has been assembling IKEA furniture. So I am beat. Really beat. Assembly food has included pizza accompanied by beer and South-African Pinot Noir. The wine was surprisingly fruity. Perhaps South-Africa is quite warm for Pinot. It was good nevertheless, so worth writing a review the coming week. I really love our Zalto Burgundy glasses. They are so awesome for Pinot.

Now to take a break and get some shut-eye. Next week we have a tasting for our new Nebbiolos from Mamete Prevostini, and another great Friday champagne (Chateau de Bligny). We are also planning to go and have another look at the Winery Hotel. This time with the purpose of trying out the wines.

Have a great week!

xx Soile

Tasting Deutz at the cellar
Riedel art
Pizza – food for the hard workers
Mr P Knows, our South-African Pinot
Our local ICA food store has taken in wine vending machines
Kicking off rose season with Ruinart
Ruinart rose is a real food-rose. Charcuterie and cheese are great companions.
Beer tastes great after assembling IKEA furniture. 


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