Wine Review: Mr P Knows Pinot Noir

I confess. We bought the bottle because of the label. It was stylish and moderately funny (we giggled about the name. I know, childish). That is what caught our attention in the first place. Then there is of course the aspect that Pinot Noir is not that commonly grown in South Africa. We had something “professional” to place the purchase decision on. But yeah, it was the label. Successful marketing from IONA Vineyards, a family venture in Elgin, close to Cape Town.    

Mr P. stands for “Pinot for the People”. The ambition of the producer is to make a wine with all the characteristics of classic, high quality Pinot Noir at an affordable price. The costs are kept to a reasonable level with making use of younger vines and older barrels. The nose of the wine is quite herbal. Not at all as fruity as the taste. On the palate the wine has flavors of red berries and sweet cherry, mixed with spicy undertones. It is very unlike its cousins from France, Germany or Sonoma. Too sweet for my taste, but still quite balanced and pleasant. Don’t really know what I would pair it with. Pizza worked fine.

I have a vague recollection of the bottle costing around 12-13£. We bought it from London from the South-African specialist Handford Wines. Would I buy it again? No. Is it still value for money? Perhaps. I would not say it is overpriced either. I will give it a 2.5 (out of 5) in Quality and a 3/5 in value for money. So next time you have some pizza or need a casual Friday wine you know what to go for. Mr P makes quite a sweet present as well with the nice label.

xx Soile

Pizza and Pinot, why not!

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