Wineweek 70: March Maddness

Another wineweek written from Stockholm. It has been a while since we have been on any wineventures. It was a conscious decision. To stay more home I mean. We wanted to have more time to wind down. To be honest, traveling is quite tiring. Fun, of course, but it drains energy. So this spring you will get much more stories from our lovely home city. And probably you will also get a lot of stories from Magnusson, our cellar. Since we paid a small fortune for the membership, we are making use of the members-bar and Friday champagne-events. I recall us reasoning something like: “we will not go out to eat that often if we can use the Magnusson members-bar, so we will actually save money”. Right! Anyway, the coming week we will hit the road again as London is calling!

So, it is time for our spring London trip. Our plan is to enjoy the spring weather and wonder around buying wine. I am prepared to carry home quite a bit. I have my new foldable bags that I got from a web-shop called e-ville (blog-cooperation). They will serve as extra room in case I go crazy with the credit card. I should probably post about how I pack all that wine with me. Several people have seemed puzzled when I have told them that I just transport a lot of bottles in check-in luggage. If you are interested in these bags, you can find them from the below links.

Wellhouse travel bag (40L)
NatureHike backpack (15L)

Almost fits in the pocket
Love the colors and light fabric on this backpack.

Friday night was spent, surprise, surprise, the cellar. There was a tasting for a new acquaintance, André Jacquart Champagne. Don’t mix this up with Champagne Jacquart. AJ is a small house in Le Mesnil, and is of very different style than the mainstream bubbly we are used to seeing at the airport tax free discount counter. The house uses very little dosage and the champagnes have this butter and brioche taste I love. I was also quite excited to learn that André Jacquart sells their leftover grapes to Krug. Krug!!

Saturday was wine-free as we opted for some beer. Estrella Inedit is a nice, light and flavorful beer. It has been developed for the former “best restaurant in the world” El Bulli. The beer comes in a 0,75L bottle, so it is kind of like placing a bottle of wine on the table. One bottle is a perfect serving for three people. Inedit is unfortunately not avaiblable in the standard selection of the monopoly, but you can order it through the special selection. We had to order 12 at a time though. But that does not really matter, does it.

Next week will be great! I will write a bit more about André Jacquart on Wednesday, and when weekend comes, I will be posting to you from London. London baby!

Have a nice week!

xx Soile

Inspecting the bottle of Andre Jacquart
Nice golden color and persistent bubbles
The blanc de blancs
Estrella Inedit just waiting to be drunk
Served from a 0,75L bottle
The beer makes a nice crown

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