A Postcard from London

You would expect a proper postcard to have pictures of the city. Big Ben perhaps. My postcards have pictures of food and wine. We arrived in London late Thursday evening and have been eating our way around the city. Yesterday was perhaps the most exciting day of the trip as we had lunch at the two starred restaurant Hibiscus, dinner at the brand new Jason Atherton restaurant Sosharu, and then we visited a shop specializing in natural wines, the Winemakers Club. 

I will save the stories for later, but here you go, some eye candy from our ventures yesterday. The pictures have been taken with my iPhone 6S (the Samsung Galaxy 6S takes so much better pictures) and pimped up by the Foodie picture app. Enjoy the food porn!

xx Soile

Fresh rhubarb and vanilla ice cream at Hibiscus
Semillon Sauvignon blanc from Australia
ox cheek with carrot at Hibiscus
The Winemakers Club specialises in natural wines
I love an open kitchen @ Sosharu
Bacon wrapped tomatoes @ Sosharu


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