Wineweek 71: The Winecurious in London

London baby! It is one of my favorite cities in the world. Just like Barcelona, Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and Paris. I am a sucker for big cities. London, however, is a city I have lived and breathed for almost two years, just before I moved to Stockholm. London is dynamic. It changes constantly without losing its vibrant personality. London will most probably always and never feel like home. This trip is kind of a special one. We are not hanging out that much together as we usually do with M. We have some friends with us and different agendas. We get together for drinks and meals. So we have everything set. Not much flexibility when you are coordinating a bigger group. But what a great agenda it is! On Friday we visited Hibiscus for lunch, Sosharu for dinner, the Winemakers Club for drinks and the Craft beer company for late drinks. Yesterday we browsed around Borough market for lunch, went to the Sampler for some wine tasting and then Lobos Meat and Tapas for dinner. Last but not least, today we will go to Galvin HOP gastro bar for dinner, and Galvin at Windows for Monday lunch. A true Galvin brothers experience is ahead of us.

I also did some great sopping at the Sampler. I was very pleased to find some still wines from Olivier Horiot on the shelf. I love his champagnes, so why wouldn’t I love his white and red? It’s not that simple of course. And luckily the friendly staff moved a bottle of the Chardonnay into one of the Samplers tasting machines. I got to take a sip and after that I was a happy customer. Horiot also makes a Pinot, however I left that for the next time. I was very firmly trying to keep to less than six bottles as I just did not have space in my backpack. I kind of regretted not being more of a sport later, as the Sampler gives 10% off when you buy 6 bottles or more. Well, no point for regrets in life. Next time I will bring a bigger backpack.

I shopping bag had room for a bottle of Leclapart l’Amateur, some white Burgundy from 2009 and a 100% Pinot blanc champagne from Piollot. And the Horiot Chardonnay of course. The Sampler does have the best selection of grower champagnes I know of in London, so there are always some bottles that just get glued to my fingers.

This was it for this wineweek. The photos in this post are not that great, but that is just because I did not take my photo editing gear with me. You will see some better quality food pics during next week. I have also been quite curious to try a new app that M suggested to me called Foodie. You can take pictures and apply filter especially for photos of food. Genius! Don’t know if this is the best quality for the blog, but for FB and Instagram, definitely!

Have a great Sunday!

xx Soile

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