Wineweek 72: Easter in Helsinki

It has been a mad March. We have been working hard: ordering summer wines and looking for a new warehouse. We also did a short wine trip to the city we fell in love in – London. All the buzzing around came to a nice relaxing halt when we flew on Thursday to Finland for relaxing Easter celebrations.  There is nothing like coming to a ready set table. While in Helsinki, we had the chance to try some nice Finnish Gin, visit one of our favorite wine bars as well as finally try out one of the most talked-about Helsinki restaurants, the Michelin-starred Chef & Sommelier. 

I will let the pictures do most of the talking today. That is kind of what I always meant Wineweek to be, a collection of pictures to give a sneak peak on what is on the publishing agenda. So I will try to actually be a bit more loyal to that idea, and save the stories for later. During next week I will fill you in on the great meal at Chef & Sommelier as well as some of our wine plans for our coming trip to New York. New York baby!

xx Soile

Perhaps the best breakfast in town at Andante
Napue 48 Gin – perfect with some rosemary and lingonberries
One of my favorite champagnes – Vouette & Sorbee Fidele
Lovely Sauvignon Blanc at Chef & Sommelier
One of the best meals I have had in Helsinki at Chef & Sommelier
A sign that spring is here – Mango “munkki”
Italian Sparkling – unfiltered
A great Australian Caberner Merlot, perfect with grilled beef.

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