Planning for the Big Apple

New York, New York! I am counting the days. You know, we got married there. It was just us and an officiant in Central Park. So the Big Apple will always have a place in my heart. But my marriage is not the topic of the post. It is the wine planning I we are doing for the trip. And I would really appreciate to get some help from you.

After browsing and googling for a few hours, we came to the conclusion that there are a lot of great wine spots in the city. However, most of them are into European wines. Of course I love French, Spanish and Italian wines as well, but I am not flying all the way over the Atlantic to have something I can buy at home. I want to taste American wines, and it seems that few wine bars specialize on the home market. Or have I just looked in the wrong place?

Here is a list of places we are planning to visit. I included both the restaurants and the wine bars, just in case you are interested on the food-research as well. And now I challenge you, who have visited or perhaps even live close to New York, to give my list a boost with suggestions and recommendations. I even want to know about the places I definitely should not visit. If I can get some good tips, I promise to make a post about them after we have visited.

Lunch: These places we noticed have some kind of good lunch deals

  • NoMad
  • the Clocktower
  • Kingside
  • Boloud Sud
  • Gabriel Kreuter
  • The Spotted Pig


  • 11 Madisson Park (in my wild dreams, but if I try to save some money, maybe….)
  • Momofuku ko
  • the Modern
  • Unclu Boons
  • Traiff

Wine: and maybe dinner as well

  • Reynard
  • Fancy Nancy
  • Hotel Delmano
  • Corkbuzz Wine Studio
  • Terroir (has a happy hour from 4pm-6pm)
  • the Camlin
  • Fifty Paces (happy hour from 5pm-7pm)
  • el Comado Butchery (local wines, yay!)
  • Custom American Wine Bar (more local wines!)

So come on! Give me some feedback o the list! And suggestions! I will be forever grateful.

xx Soile

4 thoughts on “Planning for the Big Apple

  1. I live very close to the City, but I rarely visit restaurants there, so just a few things if I may. I recently had lunch at Marts restaurant at Martha’s Washington hotel – amazing Pizza’s, if you want to try a modern New York style’s pizza. I would highly recommend Babbo’s for the tasting menu (however, it will be Italian, not an American). For the wine list, I heard Tribeca Grill was praised numerous number of times. Another Italian restaurant recommendation is Becco (Restaurant Raw), but you will need to make a reservation well in advance.
    I know you are coming from Europe, of course, but I still would recommend to visit Brandy Library ( which has absolutely amazing collection of spirits – and they often run free tastings, check their web site. Also, if you will be visiting any wine stores, Astor Wines and PJ Wine would be the two I would recommend.
    Just to comment on your list – I was at 11 Madison ( a while back), and I’m not sure it is worth all the rave. Also, I was at Traif about 4 years ago, and it was phenomenal. A friend visited the restaurant few month ago and she was not very happy.
    Last thing – if you in NYC on April 21st, there will be a trade tasting of Jura wines – quite unique experience even for someone coming from Europe 🙂 Let me know if this is something of interest.

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    1. What a great list of tips! Thank you so much @talkavino! We will definitely add all the places on our list. Good to hear some comments on 11 Madison Park. If a meal costs an arm and a leg , I expect to hear only praise. We might reconsider that one based on your feedback. We were at Traif three years ago (the only restaurant on our list that we wanted to visit again). A shame to hear that it might not be as great. Btw. let us know if you are up for a glass of wine some evening. It would be fun to meet up. We will be there from the 10th to the 16th (flying back on the 16th) of May. A shame that we will miss the Jura tasting.


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      1. I would love to meet you guys, that sounds good! Let’s use email to discuss – talkavino-info at yahoo.


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