Wineweek 73: The First Signs of Spring

There is light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel being the long winter in the Nordic countries. Temperatures have risen close to +10 C, and we have had several days with clear blue skies. The best time of the year is approaching: Summer. Spring and summer mean an increased consumption of rose and crispy white wines. That is why this Saturday we arranges a rose tasting for some of our friends. 

The pictures below are from our wine cellar, Magnusson Fine Wine. As members we have the opportunity to hold some private events. The tasting room fits around 14 people and is a great venue for some more intimate events. We tasted all together six wines: three rose cavas and three still wines (can you even say still wines, or does that just sound silly?) I will write more about the fantastic wines we sampled during the coming week.

We also opened a few good bottles. The one that was a bit more interesting was the Portuguese sparkling from Sao Domingos. The grape often used in Portugal for sparklings is Baga. It is a local grape variety planted mostly in Bairrada DOC. M picked up this bottle as a sample about a year ago when he visited the area. We have not been that into the sparklings made from Baga, however this one was a breeze of fresh air. A dry and fruity summer wine, perfect for one of those hot summer evenings. You know, the ones you almost never get at this latitude.

It is late and Monday is soon knocking on the door, so I will say good night! Have a great and winefull week!

xx Soile

Sao Domingos sparkling from Portugal
Comparin the color of two roses
A row of beautiful roses
Happy tasters at Magnusson
Thursday champagne Collet
Champagne in comfy pants. Yes!
Blue skies at Mariatorget
The spring is here
Mariatorget in the heart of Södermalm
Looking over the park
Yummy breakfast at Drop coffee


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