Ice Cream With a Twist

This weekend I have a guest, so I have not been able spend so much time on the blog. But I just had to come and share this fun news with you. StikkiNikki, an ice cream company here in Stockholm will start selling beer and gin and tonic ice cream in the summer. How fun is that!

I can kind of imagine that a beer ice cream can be nice with some full and malty flavors. Or perhaps I prefer a nice crispy gin and tonic on a hot summer day (ithere are only a few of those days in a year here in Sweden).

All in all, it will be fun to see how he border between alcohol and ice cream will narrow with these new products hitting the market. Can’t wait for the summer to come!

Good night and sweet dreams!

xx Soile

The StikkiNikki shop. Photo: Daniel Lagerborn,
Flavors. Photo: Daniel Lagerborn,




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