Wineweek 74: Portugal on my Mind

The week has been exhausting. Not that I have been doing any heavy lifting. However, I have had to concentrate 24/7 on work. All good stuff, but just too much at the same time. Or wait a minute. Perhaps I can call that heavy lifting after all. Having to use your brain at such a high capacity can feel like you have a backpack filled with rocks on your shoulders. So when Friday came, I was feeling relieved. That first glass of bubbly Friday evening tasted better than ever. I am not a comfort drinker, but this time a glass of wine was just what I needed to relieve the stress. I also received a guest from Finland, so the rest of the weekend was all set t be awesome. And it was awesome! Always when we have a guest, we get to take out more bottles than we would just demolish by the two of us. More bottles, means more different wines to taste, and our guest Kaisa, did not disappoint. We opened some great stuff: A sparkling rose from Piedmont, a Raventos I Blanc Reserva (we have almost a case from a few years back) and a bottle of Castelroig Gran Reserva.

We also visited Hornstulls Bodega, a great little wine bar in Hornstull, the Brooklyn of Stockholm city. There we indulged with a Cremant de Jura, white Bourgogne as well as a really awesome Albarinjo from Rias Baixas. The Bodega is quite good even for lone wine-lovers. All the seats surround the bar or the windows. You can just sit there and look at people walking by. The place is cozy and casual. No pretentious crap. Just the way I like my wine hangouts to be.

And now finally to the topic of the day, our new samples that just arrived from Portugal. Quinta de Saes is one of our favorite producers. Alvaro Castro, the winemaker, is one of the most known in Dão. Alvaro produces quite a wide range of different wines. We have several in our selection: Saes Red, Quinta de Saes Red, Quinta de Saes Rose and Quinta de Saes Reserva Encruzado. The rosé has definitely been a great hit, as well as the Quinta de Saes Red. The rosé sold out within a day last year. Within a day!! Now we are stocking up with double the number of cases. The 2015  is very similar to the 2014 we had last year, so I am sure our customers wont be disappointed. We will also be taking in something new. The Quinta da Pellada Primus is an Awesome wine (read review here). It is from the more expensive range, so we have previously not taken it in. However, now that we intend to start also selling via the monopoly by the bottle, we can take in some of these pearls that we think may not sell that easily by the case. We will make our final decision after we have tried of the samples.

Have a great week everybody!

xx Soile

San Pietro sparkling rose from Piedmont
Look at that beautiful salmon color
At Hornstulls Bodega, the best wine bar within walking distance
I wouldn’t mind having such lamps at home
Hornstulls Bodega
A beautiful Albarinjo from Rias Baixas
Castelroig Gran Reserva. Amazing!
Our samples from Quinta de Saes arrived
The new jewel of our selection, the Primus white.

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