Say Welcome to Torelló!

The reason I am posting today as opposed to my usual time on Wednesday is very simple. I was just too busy. Too busy introducing the newest member of the Winecurious family, Torelló, to some of our best clients. This deal has been cooking for a while. We have been in discussions with Torello for almost half a year, and finally all of our efforts have been rewarded. Our first shipment of Torelló wines will leave Spain next week. 

I still remember the day I had my first sip of Torelló. It was in Singapore, on the terrace of Jason Athertons restaurant Esquina. We had a glass each of the lightly oaked Torello 225, and were sold. Later that year a very happy coincidence brought us to an event at the house of Torelló (read about it here). We met with some of the family as well as other distributors, all praising Torelló as their best seller. We were also able to sample thought the full selection. We were so excited. We bought a few (many) samples and lugged them home in our check-in luggage.

And now here we are, organizing our first shipment. We are so proud that Torelló chose us as a partner to work with. We have selected four wines to start with: the Torelló Brut Special Edition Barcelona, Rosé Brut Reserva, 225 Brut Nature Gran Reserva and the Brut Nature Gran Reserva. We are still in a bit of a sampling phase, so we did not take that many cases. However, a slow start will show us the direction of what is popular. Based on yesterdays tasting, the Special Edition Barcelona and the 225 will be great additions to our selection.

I will still need to hold my breath until the wines have safely arrived in Denmark (as always). However, I feel we are half way there. Great thanks to Raidel, who introduced us to Torelló, Roso, the export manager of the house who is a real professional and to all of our tasters, who voted yes to Torelló. We will have a great journey together.

For more information on the Torelló wines, just email

xx Soile

Memories from our visit to the Torelló estate:

Torello Cava Sant Sadurni
Arriving at Torelló
Torello Cava Sant Sadurni
A glimpse at the vineyards
The Rose Brut Reserva in a glass
Torello Cava Sant Sadurni
Beauty at the Can Martí estate
Torello Cava Sant Sadurni
The coordinates of the grapes displayed on the bottle of Gran Torello
Torello Cava Sant Sadurni
Bottles after bottles, touring in the Torelló cellars

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