Remembering Reims

Exactly a year ago, I was in Reims, and I was excited. We had just spent all day at the grower champagne fair: Terres & Vins de Champagne. This year, we decided not to go. Frankly because we do not really see ourselves expanding to champagne right now. The monopoly is already really good with the French bubbly, and we will not be able to compete. We will rather focus on what we are great at, which is cava. 

However, Saturday night I received a message from a friend, who is actually studying viticulture. He had just arrived to Reims to take part in the so called champagne week, which includes at least three days of different fairs: Terres & Vins, Les Artisans and something else I don’t remember. I was so jealous I wasn’t there. And all week he has been posting pictures of these amazing wines he has been tasting. Why was I not there? Damn our decision. Well, I will not make this mistake again.

To console myself I had a look at last years pictures and thought I would re-post some. Our day at the Terres & Vins was so much fun. We tasted 60 different champagnes (we were spitting) within four hours. M almost got into a fist fight with an angry Frenchman, and our tongues were so sore from tasting the acidic wines that we had to chuck down a load of beer to neutralize our taste buds. Did not really work, but it made things slightly better.We also visited G.H. Mumm and enjoyed the hot afternoon sun at the legendary Les Crayeres mansion. And last but not least, we bought around twenty bottles of wine that we somehow were able to stuff into our check-in luggage. We didn’t really have that good packing materials so we used socks and other clothing as padding. Every single bottle survived the journey. What a trip!

Enjoy the trip down memory lane! I hope I will not be posting a similar sob-story next year, but rather pictures from the event its self.

xx Soile

TGV from Paris to Reims
At the gates of Tattinger
April cherry blossoms
Touring at the G.H.Mumm cellears
The Reims Cathedral
Les Crayeres
Arriving at the event
Welcome to Terres & Vins
Inside Palais du Tau
Tarlant wines
Pouillon wines
Maps of where to find the producers
My first experience with Zalto glasses
Laherte & Fils wines

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