Wineweek 76: Cherry Blossoms and More Exploring in Gamla Stan

Something special is in the air every spring when the cherry trees of Kungsträdgården (Kings Garden) blossom. The park is located in the middle of the city, right next to the “Harrods” of Stockholm, Nordiska Kompaniet. The park has about 40 something trees. They were a gift from Japan to the King of Sweden in 1998.

I got up one morning, really early, and headed out with my camera hoping to catch a few photos of the pretty trees. I was not the first one there. Rather the last. However I was still able to capture some nice pics to post on my travel guide, Tripsteri. If you are ever in Stockholm in April, go and have a look at this beautiful park. It is truly an experience to walk under the cherry blossom rain.

For wine, we did some more exploring in Gamla Stan, the wine hot-spot of the city. We went for a speedy dinner at Corvina Enoteca, an Italian wine bar with pretty good pasta I must say, and made a pit stop at our fave wine-bar, Gaston. I had a really great white Macon (Burgundy), and M took the Flight of the night: three wines selected by the sommeliers. The flight is always from outside the menu. It was pretty affordable as well, 205 SEK for three glasses. Nice.

On Saturday we just slacked off with cava. We have been going through the stuff we have in our fridge, with quite a lot of excitement. We didn’t realize how great stuff we have had hiding at the back of the fridges. This week we opened a bottle of Gramona Imperial Brut. Gramona is a mid-sized producer, one of the first premium cava houses we encountered. This beautiful bottle is available at the monopoly, however for a bit of an unreasonable price: 199 SEK. Or perhaps its not unreasonable but it is 30% more expensive than what it would cost in Spain. It is however one of the best off the shelf cavas that you can find in Sweden. Would still not pay 199 SEK though…

That was it for this week! Next week I am going to Poland again. Lodz. This time I will definitely take my camera!

xx Soile

Everyone stopped by for a few pics
The cherry tree garden is right next to the “Harrods” of Stockholm, NK
Full of color
Cherry trees in the morning light
Corvina Enoteca in Gamla Stan
The wines of the night
That pasta was fab
Pit-stop at Gaston
Saturday movie-cava: Gramona Imperial Brut
My collectible, the steel cap
Movie and bubbly

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