Recommendations from the World Best Sommelier?

When I think about the worlds best sommelier being Swedish, I feel a small rush of pride. Even though I am not Swedish. Nevertheless I have been fascinated by Arvid Rosenberg, who won the title this year. He seems very down to earth, not like one of these rock star sommeliers. He basically says he worked extremely hard for six years to be ready for the competition. I can respect that. I read an article this morning on his efforts and grabbed a list of his recommendations for inexpensive Wednesday night wines. Number two I have tried, and can agree that it is awesome value for money. Now I just need to hunt down the other four to try out.

NV Fernando de Castilla Fino Antique ($30) A deeply old-school style of dry sherry, umami-rich and gorgeously complex.

NV Champagne Chartogne-Taillet Sainte Anne Brut ($40) The most affordable cuvée from one of Champagne’s finest small growers—”farmer fizz” at its best.

2012 Suertes del Marques Vidonia ($40) The rugged, volcanic vineyards of the Canary Islands combined with the Listán Blanco variety produce this austere, minerally white.

2014 Domaine du Pélican Arbois Rouge Trois Cépages ($40) Burgundy’s Marquis de Angerville’s venture in the Jura is the source of this Pinot Noir-Trousseau-Poulsard blend.

2012 Jean-Louis Chave St-Joseph ($55) This intense Syrah comes from one of the greatest Rhône producers.

xx Soile

Sommelier presenting a Riesling from Rias Baixas

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