Wineweek 77: Valborg

Walburgis Night aka Valborg in Swedish is celebrated every year on the 30th of April. The day is followed by May 1st Labor day, which in many countries is a day off. In Finland, Valborg is a huge party for the spring. Everyone is out, regardless of the weather, pretending that it is warmer than it actually is. Students get drunk and families with children go out for a picnic (and have sparkling wine). There are a lot of people out with balloons and funny hats both on Walburgis night as well as Labor day. It’s quite crazy. Finnish Valborg is definitely worth experiencing once, preferably young when you have the energy to party all night. In Sweden Valborg is much calmer. Student cities, like Uppsala, have wild student parties. But in general Stockholm is quite calm. The 30th of April is also the Kings birthday, so there are some parades and festivities for monarchists and families with children. On Walburgis night bonfires are light, God knows why. Some tradition related to farm animals.  After moving to Sweden though, the wild Valborgs of my past are behind me. We spent this Valborg at home, drinking wine and having some green asparagus. The season for asparagus is full on!

Below some pictures from the week. I regret to tell you, that I again failed to take pictures in Poland of the David Lynch-like city of Lodz. I was just too tired to get up at 6am for taking photos. I did bring my camera though. Hopefully I can remedy this wrong in June when I go again.

But some great news! We have secured reservations at les Avizes, the restaurant at the Jaques Selosse estate. Very cool! It is also just before Ms’ birthday. I cannot think of a better gift for him than having dinner at one of the restaurant of the greatest winemakers we know. We have also made some interesting reservations in New York. More about that next week.

xx Soile

Friday Cava Berdie Brut Nature
Fresh and crispy
Mariatorget getting ready for summer
Flower market at Mariatorget
The fountain is on again
Terrace weather is finally here
Walborg wine, Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc
Glad Walborg!

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