Wine Review: Cava Gramona Imperia Brut Gran Reserva

Gramona was one of the first specialty cavas that came my way a good three years ago when we were starting our business. Llagrima s’Or is obviously the first (and my favorite) but the Gramona came soon after. Since that time I have of course discovered many more, but Gramona is one of the cavas that have made it big outside the borders of Spain. And it is one of the only artisan cavas found in the Monopoly standard selection. The price is a bit on the high side though (compared to Spain). But it is a savior if you are in quick need of a good bottle. Gramona can be characterized as a mid-sized wine producer in the small cava-village of Sant Sadurni d’Anoia. Family Gramona have been winemakers since 1881 and they were one of the first to introduce the concept of long aged premium cavas. Today, the production is managed under the watchful eye of Jaume and Xavier Gramona, the fifth generation of winemakers in the family. The sparkling wines are produced under the appellation Cava DO an the still wines under DO Penedes. All grapes are grown with biodynamic practices.

The Imperial Brut Gran Reserva is made from 50% Xarello, 40% Macabeo and 10% Chardonnay. A liquor made from a solera wine is added for a hint of sweetness. The sugar content in the wine is around 8 grams/liter. The wine is aged for 41 months, far exceeding the time required for a Gran Reserva according to the D.O. regulations (30 months is required for a Gran Reserva).

The nose is rich of apple and peach with hints of lemon-peel. The long aging has also developed a yeasty bouquet. The mouth feel is creamy, with notes of stone fruit, white flowers and some baked bread. This cava tastes great with some charcuterie and cheese. It can also hold its own with grilled meats.

The price in the monopoly is 199 SEK a bottle (~22€). I think it is a bit on the high side, and in Spain you could buy this for around 30% cheaper. I would rate it a 3.5 on a general level, and a 2.5 in value for money as it is not really a bargain. However, if you are desperate and don’t have the time to order from, ahem, our selection, this would be my choice.

xx Soile

Gramona Imperial Brut Gran Reserva
My collectible, the steel cap
Movie and bubbly

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