Wineweek 78: A Touch of Summer

The weather is amazing. Plus 25 celsius and no clouds in the sky. This is how Sweden is in July. Of course we know it will not last. This kind of warmth in May is just a tease. The temperatures will for sure drop back to +10 and there will be rain. Lots of rain. Nevertheless we have enjoyed the great weather by walking around, taking some photos and drinking cava. Lots of cava. We still have quite a stock left over from our previous visits to Cavatast, so wed better make an effort to empty it. 

We tried three different cavas this week, all of them brought from Barcelona last October: Oliver Viticulturos, Cava Fonpinet Gran Reserva and Gran Torelló 2009. The Oliver Viticultures we unfortunately poured. It was just not that great. And why should we drink something that is below average. With over 500 bottles of wine at home, no, we should only drink good stuff. Or at least ok stuff. The Fonpinet was much better. A bit weak in taste when opening, but improved significantly after getting some air. The Gran Torelló was awesome. Nice and mature with a taste of stone fruit and baked bread. Wonderfull!

This week I have plenty of photos to share. I took a photowalk in Hornstull, the last hipster heaven of Södermalm. I plan to write something on it in the travel guide. Gentrification has already taken over, but the tourists are yet to come. At least in masses. New cafes and restaurants are opening in every corner, and the walkway by the water is filled with food trucks and people selling trinkets. All of them just waiting for the crowds to come. For winelovers there is Hornstulls Bodega. A great little place just around the corner from the square. They have a good selection by the glass with some pearls from France and Spain. Its also a place where you can go and sit by yourself. There are several bars along the windows. One can sit there with some wine and just follow what is happening on the street. Never tried, but I can imagine it is relaxing.

The coming week will be very exciting. We will be leaving for New York Tuesday morning!! We have a list of around 20 to 30 wine bars we want to visit. Great thanks to @talkavino for all the tips. Its a shame we don’t have the chance to have a glass together, but we will save it for the next time. Looking forward to writing about all of our wineventures.

xx Soile

Oliver Viticulturos Cava Barricca
Pouring the love
Fonpinet Brut Nature Gran Reserva
The sun was scorching
People enjoying the sun on Mariatorget
Gran Torello Brut Nature Gran Reserva
Cava for the hot weather
Saturday brunch at AB Cafe
At Hornstulls market
One can find all kinds of quirky stuff
Old records
Wall-art at Hornstull
Food trucks gathered on the beach
At the Market
Cold beer and sausages, what could be better on a hot day
Entrance to the mall
Cherry trees
Bio Rio
People sunbathing in the marina at Liljeholmen.

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