High-flying Wines: Scandinavian Airlines from Stockholm to New York

A few years back M and I made a decision: we would no longer do the cramped cattle thing on long haul flights. If we were to fly for over 6 hours, we would do it comfortably or not at all. Not to say it would have to be Business Class, but at least economy extra with a proper leg space. Up to this date, we have not yet paid for one pair of business class tickets, but always flown in comfort. We have used points and vouchers, traveled on dates inconvenient for others, whatever has been at that time the best way to secure leg space. So today, an eight hour flight does not really sound like such a bore. It is actually an extended part of the vacation as it is enjoyable.

The New Cabin on SAS


The good thing about flying business is that you get to try a selection of wines. The wines are not really a good reason to pay an arm and a leg for a higher class, but they are a nice treat. At least for me that can then taste them all and rate them. We have flown SAS many times, so we were already a bit too familiar with the wine selection, however this time we noticed it had finally been changed. Hooray! See previous review here.

 The Champagne was Charles Heidsieck Brut 2008. It was a slight step up from the Henriot 2007 SAS had before. I am quite fond of the Heidsieck style: the strong, toasty flavor. The wine is made like a solera with 60% of the grapes coming from the vintage and 40% from older reserve wines. A good basic cuvee for any occasion!

The whites: Domaine Lafage Cotes du Roussillon Centraire Blanc 2014 and Kloster Eberbach Riesling Trocken 2014, were unfortunately a step down. The French white was flat and boring. I did not really find the citrus blossom and minerality on the palate that the description promised. God knows how it got 91 points from Parker (that is an opinion as well I guess). The Riesling was slightly better, it was crisp and balanced. However I would not buy a bottle.


The reds: Massolino Dolcetto d’Alba 2014 and Vina Luis Felipe Edwards Syrah 2014 were again a step up. Probably because the previous reds in the selection were no at all to my liking. I quite liked the Alba paired with my main of veal. It had a nice intense spiciness to it and long mouth feel.

What I think is best on the SAS flights, however, are the beers. SAS has a cooperation with Danish micro brewer Mikkeller. They have made a special range just for the airline. I have many ties opted for the Sky-High Blue American Pale Ale, instead of a glass of wine.

We did not go all out drinking wine on the flight. We just had a small sip of each (and ahem, perhaps a full glass of the Heidsieck). As we landed in the afternoon, we saved our palates for a night out on the town. New York New York!

Will post a few pictures on the blog Friday or Saturday!

 xx Soile

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