Pictures From a Foodies New York

It will be a quick one this Saturday, as we are still running around New York. But here are some sneak peaks from one of the best dinners of my life at 11 Madisson Park, innovative cheese pairings at Cassellula and enormous lunch at the Spotted Pig; the High Line and around Hells Kitchen. Enjoy!

xx Soile

Arriving to 11Madisson Park


Oyster and fennel starters


At the High Line


The best eggs benedict I have ever had


A Cabernet Franc and Dyrah for our mains


starters at 11 Madisson Park


Lamb in three different ways


a delicious Riesling from Finger Lakes


Radish dip


Baked Alaska




Lunch burger at the Spotted Pig


Cheese pairings at Cassellula


Cava at El Conmado Butchery


walking in Hells Kitchen


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