Wineweek 79: Wine and the City

This will be a quick one as I have not reserved much time for writing. We have eaten our way through the city, visited wine shops and discovered new bars and cafes. Here are a few things I have learned about New York and wine.

  1. There is some great wine produced in the area. We had some great sparkling wine and Cabernet Franc from Long Island, North Fork, and Riesling from Finger lakes. I will do a separate post on a few of the finds we made in the shops.
  2. Almost ever wine bar offers half glasses. If it isn’t on the menu, just ask for it. Perhaps it is the tip-driven culture, but no bar has said no to our request. This has been a great way to taste more wines. And full glasses of wine are big! Our half-glasses (3oz) have been as big as what we usually get as full glasses in Sweden.
  3. Last but not least, the wine bars we have visited have been a bit loud for my taste. Wine bars in Europe are much more laid back and quite quiet, but many of the ones in New York have felt more like more like night clubs with great wine. Perhaps we are just too old, but I really preferred the hipster bars in Brooklyn, than the buzzing new York hot spots.

Here I leave you with these learning and head back to the foody buzz of New York. It is our last night here and we will be making the best of it. Who cares that it is Sunday – every day is a wine day!

xx Soile

PS. Better pictures to come next week, when I have edited them. For now just a few phone pics.

Lunch at Gramercy Tavern
Cheese and charc at the Camlin, Brooklyn
Jura Sauvignon Blancs at Terroir
Our shopping
Samples from Vidon, our possibly first producer from the USA
Cooking our dinner at 11 Madison Park
Coffe, coffee, coffee

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