Work In Progress

It has been quiet on the blog for a few days. The reason is that I have been working day and night on launching our new web shop. Our old, and might I mention free, Tictail account does not look too shabby. So M and I decided it was time for an upgrade. We toyed around with the idea of paying someone to do this for us, however we have been buying so much stock recently that we did not have the budget for it. So yours truly ended up as the website-monkey (maybe M did some stuff as well). Tomorrow morning, we will go live with a new fresh look, and here are some sneak peeks.

We took a completely new approach to having a website by making the online-shop our focus. You will enter the shop immediately when entering the webpage. Our new Shopify platform will have a crisp look and much more comprehensive functionality. Especially the search-function has been improved, and now you can browse not only by type of wine, but also producer, country, appellation, grape variety and even production method. How cool is that! And all this I was nerdy enough to do myself. The pictures vary in quality quite much, but I need to take this on my agenda as the next step. Getting the shop open was the priority.

 We will also be adding some other features in the future: discount codes, product review functionality, information about producers etc. However, I need a little breather before starting a marathon with the updating again. The trip to champagne next week is a perfect opportunity to let my brain rest for a bit. Hopefully the French stop striking by then.

So here are a few screen-shots from our shop. It is already open, but we are still making some last adjustments. We would appreciate any feedback and do not hesitate to shop (lol). I am no creative genius, but I would say putting this together in four days is a good achievement for a layman like me. I was even able to move the shop under our own domain (Ooo…).

xx Soile

front page-2
The front page featuring our most popular products
The product page
News, social media and payment solutions


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