New York Wine Bars – Winecurious Top-3

With New York still fresh on my mind, I thought I would share a few of my favorite finds with you. As I wrote before, I was a bit disturbed by the loud music and night club ambiance of many places. However here is a list of my favorites and a few words on why.

The Four Horsemen – Brooklyn, Williamburg

After a long walk from Green Point to Williamsburg, the Four Horsemen was like an oasis on a hot desert. We ventured in, feeling heavy in the legs and thirsty for a glass of good wine. We had passed many bars, but this was the first one on our list that was open. We were lucky! When stepping in, the bar seemed very sleepy. But after a while we found ourselves in an excited discussion with the sommeliers.

The Four Horsemen has everything I like in a good wine bar: interesting wine list, relaxed ambiance, cold cuts as well as chatty staff.  It is a good place to try some nature wines. We tried several orange wines by the glass as well as an Italian sparkling Malvasia that was made with the Ancestral method. Everything was available also by half a glass.

Drinking orange wine at the Four Horsemen
Wine bar suggestions from the staff

Caselulla Cheese & Wine Cafe – Hell’s Kitchen

This is a casual and friendly bar in the area of Hell’s Kitchen. The real star of this wine bar is not the wine selection though, but the cheese pairings. The wine is just a nice addition. The cheese masters are adventurous, combining traditional cow and sheep cheeses with sides of popcorn, chocolate, dried fruits etc. The plates are beautiful. Almost too beautiful to eat. The Europe-inspired wine list complements the cheese but as its self does not stand out.

Great cheese pairings at Cassellula

Fifty Paces – East Village

We entered the Fifty Paces wine bar on a hot Thursday afternoon. It was very hot outside, but inside was cool and dark. It was a bit like entering a cave (with loud music). We were the only customers at 5 pm in the afternoon, so the sommelier turned down the music. Thank God! The Happy Hour was on, so some of the glasses of wine were only 8 $. The list of wines was very interesting. M tried out some whites from Eastern Europe and I opted for French Macon (my new favorite). We ordered a really huge charcuterie and cheese plate that was only around 25 $ during Happy Hour. Fifty paces did not stand out as that nice of a place to sit down, but the wine-list by the glass was definitely one of the longest we saw during our trip.

Like entering a cave..

We visited also some other places that are worth mentioning: Marlow & Sons, el Colmado Butchery, Amfora and Terroirs. But the best wine list in town was still at 11 Madison Park. They have a bar where you can drop in for a glass and also order food from the A la Carte. So that’s where you will find me next time.

xx Soile


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