Take me to Champagne

This morning we are embarking on a trip. A trip that I have been waiting for a long time. We are traveling to Paris, and then to the heart of Champagne, Epernay. Oh, how I have been waiting for this trip! I have been to Champagne only once, and that was a more official visit to the Terres & Vins champagne exhibition. We arrived to Reims on a Sunday, so most of the places we wanted to visit were closed. We were only able to visit one winery, G.H. Mumm. This time around though, we will be visiting masses of Champagne houses. Our trip is however shadowed by ongoing strikes in France as well as the high security associated to the Football European Championships. Not to mention that they weatherman has forecasted rain for the duration of our whole trip. We have been on alert all weekend, in case we needed to cancel everything. It is a bit difficult to move around in the countryside if there is a shortage of fuel (we are planning to use taxies). We are also intending to take the high speed train back to Paris on Sunday.

So here is our agenda for the trip:

Wednesday: Arrival to Epernay around noon. Check out if Alfred Gratien is open (apparently they might be open or they might not. If the door is open, you are welcome in). Dinner at Bistrot le 7, the more casual restaurant of le Berceraux.

Thursday: We have two visits booked: Larmandier-Bernier in Vertus and Bollinger in Ay. Then we head to Les Avises, the restaurant of Anselme and Corinne Selosse. High Five!!

Friday: We start of the day with Laherte & Fils, continue with a tasting at Tarlant and finish with a visit to Pierre Gimonet. For dinner we will go to le Table Kobus.

Saturday: We will head back to Reims and our plans are still open. We have been considering Veuve Cliquot with its rich history, as well as just slacking off at les Crayeres. I would also like to pop by Caves du Forum for some shopping. Dinner is arranged at le Millenaire. I was I charge of all the dinner reservations (feeling smug).


Sunday we will head back to Paris in good time. Many of the houses are closed that day, so there is perhaps no point in saying around. This is good to remember for all that are thinking of a long weekend in the capital of French bubbly, Sundays are really quiet. In Paris, we will head to Frenchies Bar a Vins for dinner. I have been there once and it was just fantastic.

Monday: we will fly back to Sweden.

So that is the agenda for the trip. It is pretty intense, but when in Champagne… I will try to post some pictures from along the way. Any and all tips for places to visit, eat or shop in Champagne are welcome!

xx Soile



2 thoughts on “Take me to Champagne

  1. I just posted about the Veuve Clicquot tour! The one we were on is called the Footsteps of the Madame or something like that. It’s more about the history of the house than the process so that might be interesting for you. Cheers!


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