Wineweek 83: Memories from Epernay

It is already a week since we boarded a train back to Paris from Champagne. Time goes by fast, as these photos make me feel like they were taken yesterday. Ok, so a week is not that long of a time, but it still feels almost unfair how short days have become. I still remember a time when minutes felt like hours and hours like days. I feel lucky to have taken a lot of photos to remember these precious moments by. 

This Wineweek will be dedicated solely for our memories from Epernay and Reims. I think the photos will tell a better story than any words I can muster. However, I would also like to share a list of all the places we visited during the week. Here they are in best to worst order:

  1. Bollinger (by far the best visit to a vineyard ever)
  2.  Laherte & Fils
  3. Alfred Gratien
  4. Pierre Gimonnet
  5. Jaques Selosse
  6. Larmandier-Bernier
  7. Michel Gonet
  8. Tarlant (by far the worst visit ever)

Three of the eight houses are relatively easy to arrange visits to, with the exception of Bollinger, Selosse and Laherte. If we would have started reserving a few months earlier, we would have been able to add a few more. Many houses require a three month pre-booking to take any visitors. However, I must say that three visits a day is the absolute maximum.

More posts on Champagne coming next week, as well as some wine tips for Midsummer, the Nordic festival of the midnight sun (yes, the sun does not go down at all).

xx Soile

Larmandier-Bernier Rose is 100% Pinot Noir
At the Larmandier-Bernier tasting room
P unaware of the paparrazzi
Tasting at Larmandier-Bernier
Larmandier-Bernier cellar
Vinification at Larmandier-Bernier
At Bistro le 7
Agrapart at Bistro le 7
Small producers at C.Comme
At Alfred Gratien
Vinification in oak barrels at Alfred Gratien
The winemaker
Glass art at Michel Gonet
Me, after a few glasses of champagne
Tasting room at Michel Gonet
The Möet Chandon hotel
Barrel vinification at Bollinger
Roses next to the VVF vineyard
The Bollinger house behind the VVF vineyard
Me and P in our yellow raincoats

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