Drinking in the Midnight Sun

Up here in the Nordics, we are blessed with a special phenomenon: the June midnisht sun. This means that the sun does not go down at all, but it is light around the clock. Now some people might no like it, as it is sometimes hard to sleep in light. But the midnight sun and beloved Midsummer festival are what we are born and raised with. Midsummer is when most people start their vacations, eat good food, jump into the freezing lake (from the Sauna) and perhaps get a little bit drunk. There are different traditions in the different countries here in the North. In Finland we light big bonfires and in Sweden we dance around a wooden pole and sing. What is a common denominator is that all of us try to head out to the countryside or archipelago. The cities are deserted. This year, we will be sailing with our friends to an island in the vicinity of Helsinki and having a great big dinner under the midnight sun. The table will be bulging with grilled meats and different kinds of fish. Sill with new potatoes is one summer food that we all (except for M) love to have. But only in the summer. With these delicacies, we will be serving bunch of different rose wines from our collection. Here are a few of our recommendations.

Martinez Brut Nature Rose Cava
This bottle comes from our friends the Rimarts Brothers, Ricard and Ernest. The cava is named after their father, Ricard Martínez de Simón. This is really the most amazing pink sparkling I have ever had. The grapes used are Pinot Noir and Garnacha, and the cava has been aged from 9 to 15 months. It is a brut nature, with no dosage what so ever. There is only around 2g/L of residual sugar fro the fermentation process. The taste is extremely fresh, like a dip in a cool ocean. Even though the wine is dry the palate is charismatic with red fruit and candies redcurrant. The mouth feel is creamy, and the finish long and delicate. Last but not least, the color of the wine is this beautiful light salmon. It will look awesome on the midsummer table with all of those beautiful fish dishes.

Torelló Rose Brut Reserva Cava
I just love the prestigious style of the house of Torelló. The production from start to finish is just screaming quality.  The rosé has a beautiful ruby color, the kind that is popular amongst the locals in Spain. It is a true Catalonian cava, not a product for the export market (this is the stuff you want to keep to your self). The cava is made from Pinot Noir and Garnacha and it is aged minimum 18 months. It has some sweetness, but we are still talking about only 5-6g/L. The taste is with red berries mixed with fresh minerality. The mouth feel is fine and creamy. This is a perfect cava with the grilled meats and fish.

Peret Fuster Rose Brut Cava
Peret Fuster rosé Brut Cava is one of our first wines, and a favorite amongst our customers. This dry and fresh rose cava is made of completely from Trepat and it is fermented for 18 months. A hint of sugar is added in the end of the fermentation to add a light sweetness to the taste. It is a great aperitif, or companion with desserts. And did I mention it has an awesome bright ruby color that looks great in a party glass.

Antonio Madeira Rosé
Antonio’s wine are usually hard to come by so we are just ecstatic that we managed to get some cases of his new rose. The idea was to seek the expression of the terroir of Serra da Estrela, thus, nothing was added. After direct pressing, gravity decanting lasted 2 days, without use of enzymes or enological products. Alcoholic fermentation took place in a stainless steel tank and began naturally, with the yeast from the vine itself, to express its identity in the purest form. Alcoholic fermentation lasted  2 months. This is an atypical rosé in that it is more of a gastronomic wine. Very dry, with aromas of granite wrapped in fresh red fruit. In the mouth it has remarkable structure, fresh, saline and tasty, granitic long and persistent finish.

The Antonio Madeira Rose
Quinta de Saes Rose
This Portuguese rosé is a blend of Baga, Cabernet Sauvigno,  Jaen, Tinta Roriz and Touriga-Nacional. It has grown granite base with lines of sand and clay from vines of 15 to 45 years at an altitude of 500m above sea level. Mineral scented with fresh tropical fruit and. Smooth and fresh on the palate with an elegant fruit and acidity balance which provides a fairly long finish. A lovely companion with light meat dishes, seafood and fish as well as salads. It does however also stand very well on its own and is perfect to be enjoyed in the summer sun.

xx Soile

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