Wineweek 84: Paris Favorites

Even though we have been home for a few weeks, I still have so much photo material from our recent trip to France, that I can fill Wineweek with them for many weeks to come. I promise you, these Paris pictures are way more interesting than anything I did this week, except for the dinner I had last night at a new restaurant called Derelict. It was awesome! However, I will write more about that another time. Now to some Paris favorites.Frenchies bar a vins is the more casual little sister or brother of Michelin starred restaurant Frenchie. If you cannot score a table at the main venue, the wine bar provides a great alternative. It is also one of the only nice places I know that is open on a Sunday. They take no reservations, so one needs to be there early and queue. But it seems that the locals knowledge about the Sunday openings is quite low, as we were the first in line 20 minutes before the bar opened. The menu features a good list of wines by the glass as well as delicious mid-sized plates. They are all good for sharing with friends (I mean if you don’t mind sharing). We had some great pappardelle, tortellini, moules, pulled pork burger and burrata. And for dessert we shared a wonderful plate of Bannoffee (banana and toffee).  The price level is quite reasonable. I think we all ended up at around 50€ a head for the whole evening (including wines).

Benoit is a hundred year old Parisian bistro, managed today by Alain Ducasse. The restaurant has one Michelin-star. We were drawn in by a three course lunch deal. It was our last day and we wanted to try out something very French. Benoit was exactly that, however, the clientele was not. We overheard the waiter explain that it is less than 5% of guests that are French. Benoit is a tourist attraction. Our lunch was however exactly as we expected, very French: pea veloute, boudine noir with apple and savarin sl’Armagnac (tipsy cake). The boudine noir was perhaps the best dish of the whole trip (its kind of a black pudding…hard to explain). We washed the dinner down with good appetite and a glass of house Champagne.

We also visited some great cafes: Telescope, MataMata and Blackburn. The Paris coffee scene is perhaps not top of the world (over extracted for my taste), but the French sure know how to make good pastries and a nice atmosphere. I am already starting to feel like we should go back. Perhaps after the football..

xx Soile

Frenchies Bar a Vins is one of my favorite spots in Paris
Clams at Frenchies
Parisian parks
Window shopping with P
A cup to go from the Fox cafe
Paris in bloom
Crashing on someone elses photoshoot
Awesome lunch at Benoit
Benoit is one over a hundred years old

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