Midsummer Memories

I am still recovering from Midsummer. Not from staying up late or having wine. Just all the excitement around seeing so many friends and family. There is so much to talk about when we see each other and never enough time to really catch up. I think quite many were even surprised to hear that we have a wine company. Luckily we brought samples so that everyone could get a taste for what we do. We spent Midsummer in the Helsinki archipelago enjoying a typical Midsummer chill and drizzle.

What do Finns do on Midsummer then? We eat and drink (preferably outside), go to the sauna and burn a huge pile of wood at midnight. We stay up until late, even the kids, just to experience that the sun does not really go down. It is actually really hard to follow what time it is due to the light. Midsummer is often spent somewhere in the countryside, although I can see some city traditions starting to form in the capitol, Helsinki. In Sweden it is already much more common to spend Midsummer in Stockholm. That is perhaps what we will do next year. We are city people. No denying that.

Enjoy the pictures!

xx Soile

Sailing and snacks. In the glass Rimarts Chardonnay
Arriving to the Island
Finnish Archipelago


The Saes whites were perfect companions for the fish
Midsummer dinner on the terrace
The traditional bonfire
Midnight moment
Preparing for pancakes
The pancake master overseeing the process
Perhaps this first one can go to M..

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