Late Night Drink at la Maison, Helsinki

Last week when in Helsinki, I found a truly great little place for wine. It is not a new spot, so I did not write about it in my newbies post, but having ignored my friends recommendation far too long, this was my first visit to restaurant Maison. We popped in for a late night glass of wine right after dinner at our favorite restaurant, Chef & Sommelier. Little did I know before what a great wine selection I was about to discover.La Maison is a small neighborhood restaurant in a rather fancy part of town (Eira) in Helsinki. The cuisine is French with s modern twist, and the list of wines is very boutique. With boutique I mean small producers and leaning towards the natural trend. The first wine I saw on the list was from my absolutely favorite grower producer Olivier Horiot. His Metisse was available by the glass (14€) and many others by the bottle, including 5 Sens which is probably my favorite champagne. Or at least among the other ten or fifteen bottles I vow as favorites.

In addition to a fantastic selection of Horiot, the list features champagnes from Larmandier-Bernier, Fleury, Bereche & Fils and Tarlant (and many more). M had a glass of the Tarlant Brut Zero which tasted much better now than it did when visiting Oeilly. The bubblies were served in Lehman glasses designed by the most famous champagne guru in Finland Essi Avellan.

We were quite tired so we only stayed for one glass. Next time, we will go for a full dinner there. Unfortunately La Maison just went on summer holiday and they will open again on the 2nd of August. This is typical in Helsinki, and frankly something that annoys me. I spent several weeks each summer in Helsinki with my family, but all the nice restaurants are closed *sigh*. Will just have to wait until the fall and drink my Horiot at home.

xx Soile

Horiot and Tarlant
The perfect wine menu
Great glassware

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