Wineweek 86: Sunny Memories from Helsinki

The pictures featured in this wineweek are from our Midsummer trip to Finland. While last week I could not contain myself from writing about some Helsinki newbies, the great photos I took over the weekend were left untouched. We did some fabulous stuff: ate at Chef and Sommelier, had drinks in the sun at Bar Chaperon Rouge and walked around town taking some pictures and enjoying the quiet streets. 

We also visited a blast from the past: cafe Regatta. Its a cute red cottage with a cafe that is open all year round in the neighborhood I grew up in. You can get: not the best, but at least the most famous Korvapuusti (cinnamon bun) in town. My Swedish husband keeps insisting that it is the Swedes who invented the cinnamon bun, but I think he is bluffing. Korvapuusti will always be the mother of all cinnamon buns to me. Cafe Regatta is quite touristic these days as it is close to the Sibelius park, yet it is still fun. You can grill sausages on a fire and they pay you 5 cents if you go and get a refill of coffee.

Some words on Chef and Sommelier, a restaurant I have deemed to be the best in Helsinki. It was just as great as it was last time, and prices still seem really reasonable to me. It is perhaps the best value meal ever. The fantastic cooking with vegetables continued and we felt very comfortable trusting the sommelier to choose a wine flight for us. We rarely leave it up to anyone else to choose our wines. You can find some mouthwatering pictures below.

That’s it for the chit chat. I will let the pictures tell the story.

xx Soile

White fish and herbs
Carrot and pine tree
Neither of us can remember what this French white was…except for that it was good.
This sausage is made from Eikko the cow. I asked for the name 🙂
Black currant palate cleanser
Sweet Italian white as a companion for dessert
Meadowsweet dessert was amazing


On the streets of Eira
Champagne in the sun
Sauvignon Blanc is perfect in hot weather
Bar Chaperon Rouge is the newest addition to the Helsinki wine scene
The Finnair wheel giving some competition to the London Eye (not)
Cafe Regatta is open every day of the year
Korvapuusti, the Finnish cinnamon bun

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