Perhaps the Best Pinot in the World?

Situated in the Chehalem Mountains (Wilamette, Oregon) at an elevation between 400 and 500 lies Vidon Vineyards. There, physicist, farmed and winemaker, Don Hagge grows and crafts perhaps the best pinot in the world. At least the best that I have ever tasted. VIDON produces 7 wine varieties and uses 100% own grapes.  Although the emphasis is on 5 clones of Pinot noir, the Hagge family have small blocks of Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Viognier, Tempranillo and Syrah. The winery is LIVE certified sustainable vineyard and winery. Don believes in minimal intervention in the winemaking process ( a little bit like Anselme Selosse). And the best part is, we are discussing with Don to bring his wines to Sweden and Denmark. So exciting!

Vidon is another great find by our friend Ali. He has already introduced us to both Vieira de Sousa and Mamete Prevostini. Last spring he told us that he has found perhaps one of the best Pinot in the world, and put us in contact with Don. Samples were shipped to us while we were in New York. Last weekend, we finally got to tasting them. As Ali had said, they were awesome!

We had a plan to taste the whole range through with the Coravin, however, the Vidon wines have glass corks. Yes, kind of glass caps that seal the bottle air tight. I wonder how the glass likes aging? Anyhow, we focused then on the “entry level” (I don’t actually think this can be characterized as entry level, but it was the cheapest bottle) : Chehalem Mountains 3-Clones 2013. Vanilla, strawberries and white pepper on the nose.  Bright fruit on the palate with a hint of toasted wood.  Could imagine going well with grilled meats. We had some charcuterie. M could not get over the fact that it was so good. He kept repeating the same two days after, followed with I think we need to expand our range with this. I wonder what will happen when he tastes some of the more high end bottles.

So here we are, thinking hard how to do this. We need to organize logistics, and select a sales channel. We already have an import license, so there we are set to go. The Vidon Pinots are priced from 40$ and up, so we need to sell also by the bottle. I suspect the price will land close to 400 SEK (per bottle). It would be good for our business case if we could find a few other wines to import from Oregon.

So there you go, now you know what is cooking. And if you have a chance to taste Vidon wines, do not let that pass. You should also expect I will be writing much more about Oregon during the months to come

xx Soile

The Vidon range
Preparing for the tasting
The glass cap came as a surprise
Bright red color

3 thoughts on “Perhaps the Best Pinot in the World?

  1. Wow, very bold claim – best Pinot in the world! I’m actually waiting for my shipment of Vidon wines, which is now delayed due to very hot weather here in US – but it makes really want to try those wines!


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