Wineweek 87: Stockholm Calming Down

It is the peak of the Nordic holiday season. The office is empty, restaurants are empty, the whole city is empty. I love it! It is the best time of the year to be in Stockholm. There is no traffic and terraces have space. The only place with some noise and racket was the Tele 2 football arena. M, our loyal football fan, noticed that the Swedish league, Allsvenskan,  has started again. Good that we didn’t have to go a day without football (yes, that was sarcasm). At least the game was followed by good wine. 

Woodstockholm, a restaurant on Södermalms Mosebacke torg has opened a summer wine bar. Woodstockholm is originally a furniture store, and in that store they now have one of the best wine spots in the city. The list is really interesting with reasonable prices for small producers mainly from Europe. Ok. prices are never reasonable in Stockholm, but relatively speaking. I will write more about the wines and experience the coming week.

We also opened quite a nice bottle on Friday, a 100% Xarello from Juvé & Camps. We first tasted this wine at Cavatast last year. I declared it was one of the best new cavas around. In the hot and humid weather it tasted perfect. Now it felt a bit sweet. It is amazing how the environment has an impact on ones experience with wine. Which reminds me! Cavatast is not too far away. I should start advertising it again. 6th to 9th of October in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia. You don’t want to miss the cava-event of the year.

Now I will turn my attention to which I hope is the last football game I have to watch all year. Enjoy the pictures!

xx Soile

Trying out the Juvé & Camps 100% Xarello
Empty terraces
The park at Mariatorget
Because there has been such a shortage of football..
Typical action at a Swedish football game
Woodstockholm summer wine bar
A beautiful Chardonnay from Jura


At Woodstockholm
After the rain at Mosebacke torg

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