Wineweek 88: Summer in the City

It is the peak of the summer here in Stockholm. Sun has been shining almost all week and traffic is slow. Perfect. There have just been two things hindering us from sitting outside and enjoying a lot of wine: the flu (of course it comes when you relax a bit) and a curse called Pokemon Go. M has become obsessed with it, and of course spread the addiction to me as well. It is so funny to observe how other people are so hung on it as well. I notice many adults like us walking completely transfixed, heads bent over their phones, hunting for Pokemon. There were also a huge number of people (adults) sitting at a kids playground fiddling with their mobiles because there was a Pokestop there. I suspect many of them did not have their child with them. If you don’t understand what I am talking about, good! You are lucky. Do not download the game. 

Anyhow. Amongst the hunting for Pokemon, we have had some nice wines this weekend. A couple of wine interested friends are over from Finland, so we have been opening some nice bottles: an Eric Rodez Cuvee Crayeres (Eric used to be the head winemaker for Krug), Francis Boulard les Murgiers and another sample from Vidon Vineyards, Mirabelle Clones 115 . Our friends also brought a nice Friuliano white from their road trip in Italy that we drank on the balcony accompanied by yummy cold cuts. Sweet. Lets see where we end up when we go to Italy next week. I am kind of getting excited about northern Italy. We have not booked anything specific yet. Just the flights to Milan.

Last but not least, we ended the weekend at Gaston wine bar with burgers and a bottle of Andre Jacquart champagne. I also had a really lovely Hungarian white. It was perfect with the truffle burger. It was the perfect ending for our weekend.

Not much else to write at this late hour. Tomorrow is a new day.

Enjoy the pictures!

xx Soile

Finally it is warm enough to have some wine on the balcony
Amazing Pinot from Vidon: Mirabelle Clones 115
Duck ramen at Mood Stockholm
The royal castle in Stockholm
Secret courtyard in the old town
The Stockholm old town in the afternoon sun
A fresh and crispy Friuli white compliments of J & E
Friuli white
Inspecting the wine on the balcony
Pouring Andre Jacquart at Gaston
A Hungarian white at Gaston
Gaston wine bar in Gamla Stan
Pokemon Go – I wonder what kind of Pokemon you find at a wine bar?
The look on Es face when all the rest of us where playing Pokemon
Trying to turn away from the camera

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