Wineweek 89: London at a Glimpse

A deer head on the wall of Harwood Arms

It has been a hot week here in London. Hot and humid. Thunder has seemed imminent, but the the first raindrops we encountered were not before our taxi ride back to Heathrow airport. One could say we have been lucky. On the agenda this time has been food and wine. Isnt it always food and wine though. It feels like shopping and sightseeing have been activities we have filled the gap with between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. I am feeling a bit of fatique after all that food. However, I am glad I stuffed down every last yummy piece. 

The wine theme of the week was definitely Leaning towards Eastern Europe as well as other quirky stuff. We tried a wonderful white from Corsica, a light red xinomavro from Greece, a fresh Sauvignon blanc from Napa Valley (Sauvignon is not that common in the land of Chardonnay), a Pinot Noir rose from Margaret River, Australia. The best bubbly of the week was an old favorite, Cuvèe Sankt Anne from Chartogne-Taillet; 11,50£ per glass at the Clove Club. Talking about Clove Club, that was perhaps my favorite restaurant of the week. Along with Legs wine bar and Harwood Arms, the michelin starred pub. We also bought wine from The Good Wine Store (mostly Broc Cellars wines), the Winemaker Club (natural, funky wines) and the London Cru urban winery. If not for the new shipment of WineSkins we received to our hotel, we would have had some challenges packing. A tip if you are going to London, order some of these babies from Amazon and you can carry all the wine you want in your check in luggage. We have reused our wine sleeves many times. They get a bit ruffled up and the addhesive tape will not seal more then once from bottless breaking, but they still fill their purpose (I am not that afraid of bottles breaking).

I will post better pictures on the coming week, but here are a few sneak peeks of what is to come.

xx Soile

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