The Best Pub in London

Pubs – almost a trademark of London and Great Britain. There is something about the thought of having a pint in a pub. I used to think: cozy, warm and welcoming. Until I moved to London and saw what local pubs where or had become: dirty, cold, giant brewery owned holes that are only good for sheltering from sudden rain or watching football (the atmosphere is quite fun). As with everything there are exceptions. Some pubs have been able to keep their independence and charm. Harwood Arms is in the far end of the scale, a pub so excellent that it has been honored with a Michelin star. 

It was a hot summer night as we strolled along the residential blocks in Fulham closing in on Harwood Arms, the only starred pub in London. We had arrived to the city that night, so where in high holiday spirits. London is always an uplifting experience. Inside the pub was even hotter. The ambiance  was warm, even tranquil, regardless of the big animal heads on the wall. Tables were positioned with plenty of space in between each other, so the space felt quite airy. Luckily the staff were quick to bring us our cooling drinks: some Henriot Champagne and an Gusborne English sparkling from Kent (both where 100% Chardonnay). The temperature dropped quite soon as people left the pub (we had a late reservation).

We were hungry after the long travel, so we decided to cover as much of the menu as possible. I went for some barbecued beetroot with goat’s cheese and pistachio, and roast Berkshire deer.  M chose a black pudding scotch egg with garlic and asparagus, and as a main jowl of Pork with bacon marmalade. Surprisingly we were quite stuffed after only two courses, so we decided to share dessert: raspberry souffle with almond ice cream. However I am still a bit sour that I did not order the honey mousse with apricot and bee pollen. I should have just manned up and not cared about looking like a ball (I don’t anyway)

The wine list at was on the positive side of ok. They used to have some London Cru wines by the glass before (this was Ms third visit). A bit disappointing that they had dropped them at least from the by the glass selection. However six whites and six reds by the glass to choose from was plenty for us to find something to our liking. And as mentioned before, the Henriot and Gusborne sparklers where very good choices.

After stuffing down the raspberry souffle, our tummies were bulging and our eyelids heavy. the bill was quite reasonable for being a one-star, around 130£ for a three course meal, two glasses of wine each and a beer. With a weaker British pound, it did not hit that hard on the wallet (I would rate this dinner as one of the best ones from our last trip to London). Finally, it was time to take a walk back to the hotel (while playing Pokemon GO of course – embarrassing).

xx Soile

Arriving to Harwood Arms
Barbecued beetroot with goats cheese and pistachio
Berkshire Deer
A cooling beer from Camden Brewery
The infamous raspberry souffle with almond ice cream
Warm pub feel, despite the animal heads




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