The Hackney Hot-Spot for Nature Wine

When I lived in London (2012-2014) Hackney was still a bit rough. Well not really. It has already started with gentrification, or as I like to call it, brooklynization. However, Hackney was still not an area to take lightly when walking around during the night. I am not sure if it still is, but most definitely it has a more tamed reputation (as does neighboring Dalston and Bethnal Green). We usually head to south London when we want to go casual with dining. However, a tip to try out Legs Wine Bar lured us east. And I am very glad it did. My first trip to Hackney was a positive one.

Legs is a casual bistro in the fashion district of Hackney, serving nature wines and mid-sized dishes. It’s quite small, so make sure to reserve a table. Especially if you are four or more. We were just two, so we could sit at the bar facing the window. The view was to a busy street, but  it was quite fun to observe mid-July Hackney life.

The Legs philosophy on wine is to my liking – wines from small producers using sustainable practices that truly represent their terroir. The menu has a good selection wines by the glass and reflects a wide variety of flavour profiles, regions and grapes. I found a nice Malvasia orange wine from Friuli and a Savagnin from Jura. Jura whites are so my next wine obsession. M had a lovely Pinot Noir rosé from Margaret river. I think I could have tried out almost any wine on the list.

The food menu changes daily and is focused of quality produce. No advanced cooking, but simple food from great ingredients. We had some lovely charcuterie and Padron peppers (Catalan inspired). We also had a beautiful Burrata with some lemon peel, a beef tartare with artichoke and lemon and rabbit confit with spring onion. Four or five dishes were enough for two. We shared the Strawberries and cream dessert.

Service was extremely friendly, and what best, knowledgeable. We had some good chats about the origins of the wines and the staff were not shy to make recommendations. We could also order smaller glasses to be able to taste more of different wines. We were extremely happy with the whole experience, including the bill. The price of dishes ranged from around six to twenty pounds. Wines were also relatively inexpensive with the bottle prices roofing at 60£. It was perhaps the cheapest meal we had all week (we did a little bit too much fine dining though).

For those who are interested in nature wines, or if you are any kind of wine lover as a matter of fact, Legs is the place to visit.

xx Soile

Home made sourdough with olive oil
The bar by the window
Burrata with lemon
Rabbit with spring onion and corn
strawberry dessert
Welcome to Legs
Rose from Sicily
Beautiful dark color on the rose from Margaret River
Si Sophie rose


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