Wineweek 91: The Winecurious on Flickr

I remember there was a time when I was convinced I would not even try to up to quality of the photos on this site. Getting into food photography is quite annoying. First of all you are always dragging your camera to the restaurant. The light is often a bit poor, and people stare at you when you bring out the arsenal (My big camera I mean). Sometimes I also get these looks from M where he is signaling to put the Nikon away because the food is getting cold. Second, it takes quite a lot of time to select and edit the photos you like. Regardless of these two small obstacles, I have become a an amateur food photographer, and you can view my work in all its glory from now on in Flickr. I have only downloaded my pics from the past few weeks, so there is more to come very soon.

Why do I take food photos then? I don’t know. I like food, and it stands still when I try to take a picture. I also enjoy the 3D-effect that you get with a prime lens, where the focus is on the object and the background is a little bit blurred. Food is quite an easy target for photography like this. I am really not good at all at taking photos of large or moving objects. The most action I can take is when someone is pouring wine into a glass.

For this Sunday, I thought I would share some pictures from London, since two weeks back I only posted a few photos taken with my phone. The iPhone 6S camera really sucks in comparison to my old Samsung Galazy S6, so I am hesitant to post any mobile pics these days. But sometimes its better to post those than to post nothing. However these babies are taken with my Nikon D5500 and a 35mm AF-S DX lens. Very handy in low light and about a meter in between you and the object (food). Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Cauliflower gratine at Launceston place
Deer head at Harwood Arms
Beetroot and pistachio starter at Harwood Arms
Charcuterie starter at the Clove Club
Pidgeon and beetroot at the Clove Club
Honeydew and bee pollen at the Clove Club
Coffee, just coffee
At LDN Cru
Strawberry dessert at Legs
Having orange wine at Bethnal Green
Pouring coffee at Workshop
Friday evening at Bethnal Green
Barista at Bethnal Green
The bar at Legs Restaurant
Interior at the Clove Club

xx Soile


2 thoughts on “Wineweek 91: The Winecurious on Flickr

  1. Great pics. Agree with you about the looks you get when you bring out the big camera, seems it is ok to make a fool of yourself standing up and taking overhead shots with a phone etc, but when you try to do the right thing with a real camera …. Luckily for me my friends have overcome their aversion to my camera, think it has something to do with them wanting the shots as well. Cheers


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