Cavatast is Coming Again

As summer is closing to it’s end, at least here in Sweden, I like turning my attention to what will be happening in the fall. The highlight is of course Cavatast, the festival to celebrate all that is to do with the spanish premium bubbly. Cavatast is a festival for everyone: locals, professionals as well as tourists. In recent years it has taken a  bit of a gastronomical direction as well with an increasing number of food vendors participating in the festivities. As every year, there is no information regarding this festival in English, so I have used my nonexisting skills in spanish to make educated guesses on what is in store for us. The only thing I can be quite sure about is the dates: 7th to the 9th of October. 

So what do you need to know about Cavatast? First and foremost, that you havearound 30 different cava producers participating by having a stand where they serve samples of their range of cavas. The participants are mainly small and medium sized cavahouses. Not big kahunas like Freixenet or Codorniu. Our friends: Rimarts, Torello and Cellers Carol Valles usually join, however I could not find a list of participating vendors for 2016. Lets see if that is something they publish a bit later.

How to get there? If you are staying in Barcelona, you can take the train in 40 minutes. Dont event think about renting a car. The trains run every half and hour from Sants station (towards Villafranca). A ticket is only a few euros per way. You dont have to pre book or anything, just go to the station on time and buy the ticket from the machine. The station to get off is Sant Sadurni d’Anoia and there are signs leading to the festival area. It is around a 15-20 min walk.

What does it cost? There is no entry fee to the festival. To taste cava, you buy a number of tasting tickets. Many basic cavas cost just one ticket (with 1.25 €), and some of the more special ones could be up to four. But hey! If your most expensive glass of bubbly is only 6€…The vendors serve full glasses, not just small samples. Which for me is a bit of a dilemma as I want to taste quite many different cavas. Having a full glass of everything will just lead to me hugging the toilet (and the toilets there are not that nice, bring paper and hand sanitizer). Food at the festival can also be bought with tickets. Four food tickets cost 6€. There are also some lectures and organized tastings that might cost something small, like 10€. But in general I find the whole event to be very affordable (cheap!). To me, the biggest expense comes from me and M wandering into the Cavatast shop. There they sell all the cavas that are being sampled at discounted prices. Usually we walk out with as many bottles as we can carry (~10).

So flights are already booked, and I am just aching to go. Just have to wait a few more months…*sigh*

xx Soile


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