Wineweek 92: Photos from Helsinki and Beyond

This week I woke up to a world that felt different. The air was dry, the mornings were crispy, and I had to bring out the fall coats. Winter is coming. I don’t really like the cold. However, with winter, or rather fall comes many good things: all my friends return from their holidays, port wine tastes suitable again and our wine cellar/club opens after being closed all summer.  The beginning of fall feels like the beginning of a new year. And I very much like new beginnings.

The pictures in this weeks post are from the past though. The end of July and beginning of August has been busy enjoying Helsinki and Stockholm, our two home cities. We have had some great coffee, tried out new wine bars and restaurants as well as opened interesting bottles at home. Stuff we like to do every week, however, the quiet office has made it possible to explore even more. What stood out was our visit to Roster, a new restaurant that has been opened in Helsinki close to the senate square. We didn’t actually eat dinner but sat in the bar ogling at the wine list that has over 80 wines by the glass. That is very ambitious. I hope they can keep it up. Don’t order any bar snacks/tapas though. They are so small that you feel ripped off. The “charcuterie” plate had five small slices of ham (for 6€). Five! Sad. Some bad news as well. Kokko, which is one of my favorite cafes in Helsinki (and has the best raw cakes ever) is closing doors. Not that it wasn’t popular, but the owners are looking to do something new. I’m glad we had the chance to visit one last time. Just regretting a bit I didn’t have any cake.

I was also taken by the new  (at least new for me) park and creative area that has been opened in Helsinki. Lapinlahti used to be a mental asylum (creepy). But in all honesty, the building is gorgeous and the nature around very tranquil. Additionally it is located very close to the center. They have a cafe, sauna, artist shop and garden where people can grow their own vegetables. Very hipster, but nevertheless great fun. I very much recommend to stop by if you have not been there.

We also opened a few interesting bottles in the week: Love Red from San Francisco urban winery Broc Cellars and a traditional method sparkling Baga from Portuguese wine-star Filipa Pato. Baga is quite an interesting grape to make a sparkling wine from. It is full and fruit driven, but Filipa does a lovely job keeping the wine fresh. We brought this bottle from our last trip to Portugal, but Filipas wines are quite widely available in other parts of Europe as well. Her father is one of the most famous winemakers in Portugal, Luis Pato.

That was all that I had to write about this week. Enjoy the pictures and  good night!

xx Soile

Return to Cafe Pascal
Portuguese sparkling from Filipa Pato


Breakfast at Johan & Nyström
Urban wine from Broc cellars
At Cafe Siili in Helsinki
One of my favorites Cafe Kokko is closing
At Kokko
Trying out restaurant Roster that has over 80 wines by the glass
Extensive wine list at Roster
Eating for the first time at Aito
In the Lapinlahti park
The old mental asylum turned creative space

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